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Getting back into routine !


Food is always high on my agenda, sharing, creating & of course eating. I’m always finding new recipes to try, scouring magazines for inspiration, aswell as being asked by friends and family for mine.

I’ve collated on scraps of paper,  favourite recipes over the summer from visitors . I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet clients from far flung places, happy to indulge my passion and whet my appetite with their superb dishes too.

Over the summer, with full on bookings for Classes, luxury food deliveries & my ‘Supperclub” on the terrace, posting recipes seem to have been put on my back burner !

Well hopefully now, as routine slowly gets back into shape, now children are back at school, all birthdays are finished, well In our family anyway and my last visitors leave on Monday I can start once again to do all the ‘foodie’ things I enjoy.

Just a couple of recipes that are easy family favourites that I have cooked and created for guests and clients of La Rosilla, and that I have sent to my ‘Mum’ when she was having a meltdown, as she was having friends to stay for the week-end, and just didn’t know what to cook…

I hope you like them too…


Smoked Salmon Pate & Rye

 Serves 4

1 packet of full fat cream cheese

200 gr of Smoked Salmon chopped

Zest of a lemon & juice of ½ a lemon

snipped chives

½ a Red onion finely chopped

1 tbsp of Whole grain mustard

a pinch of salt


Packet of Rye bread & Cucumber to serve.

Mix all the above ingredietnst together, for a smooth consitency use a blender.

Put into a pretty serving bowl, and decorate with smoked slamon lemon & chives.

Cut Rye bread into traingles & slice cucumber to decorate plate.


Beef in Red wine


1kg braising beef (cubed)

Bacon lardons – Or thick cut bacon cut into pieces

Baby mushrooms left whole

1 large onion – Chopped

2 carrots chopped

Shallots / Baby Onions – peeled left whole

2 tbspPlain flour

1 bottle of red wine

Small tin of Tomato Puree

Cranberry Sauce

2 tbsp plain flour

½ pt Beef stock

Bay leaf & bouquet garni

Make in large Casserole dish with lid.

Pan fry the bacon until crispy, remove from pan

Add olive oil to pan and brown the beef, a little at a time so it browns nicely, not


Add onion & carrot and fry

Sprinkle with plain flour and stir and cook out flour for about 2 mins, will brown.

Add bacon back in.

Pour on whole bottle of red stirring to get all the juicy bits off the bottom for flavour.

Add tomato puree & beef stock

Pop in a 2 bay leaves & bouquet garni.

Lots of seasoning.

Cook slowly for 2 hours in the oven with lid on.

Then add baby onions & mushrooms – cook for another hour.

  • It may need extra cooking just check, and when beef is tender it’s done.

A tip, when its finished cooking stir in 2 tbsp of cranberry sauce, it’s yum.

Good luck & Buen Provecho










Morcilla Love it or Hate it.


Morcilla / Love it, hate it …

I was never a black pudding kind of a girl when living in Blighty,  but since living in Spain in our rural location, where embutidos / cured meats are a specialty and handmade, full of flavour and natural ingredients, my taste buds have changed.

We were thrown into the deep in end a few years back, when I was trying to create my ‘Good life’  I always fancied being a Barbara not sure OH was too keen on being Tom ! I decided in my wisdom we needed livestock, pigs, goats and hens.  So livestock we had.

After months of feeding our pigs ‘Prada and Boggis’, that was a mistake. Tip no 1 don’t name your animals you’re going to eat.  They out grew their paddock.  I decided to move them on Christmas Day as their present, to their new larger run. That was a comedy show in itself, me glammed up to the nines, after a few cheeky cava’s and a full to bursting tummy, with a family shouting orders, but not taking part, sipping their digestif and enjoying the obligatory post dinner cigar.

After a few falls, expletives and paper crown dislodged, my Giant pigs Prada and Bogis were safely rehomed in their majestic run.

As the months went on, I knew I had to organize the final deed.  My neighbours set to it and a full Spanish ‘Matanza del Cerdo’ was prepared and executed *excuse the term, for us.  Due to the nature of a Matanza, I’ll let those who want to know more click here.

So for months we had pork of all styles and recipes of pork in every conceivable way.  That evening we were presented with armfuls of Morcila, skillfully handmade by the ladies of the village, delicately spiced, and hung to dry.

So now I had to create new recipes for Morcilla.   I also love to convince visitors and friends, that it is delicious.

This is my favourite.

Morcilla & Apple.


1 x Morcilla, cut into 1cm rings.

2 x Granny Smiths apples or tart eating apple. Chopped into bite size pieces

1 x Red onion, finely chopped

Cane honey

Splash of Sherry.

Fresh Parsley.


Pan fry the onion in a little olive oil, when softened add the apple, fry till golden.


Add the Morcilla, and brown each ring on each side.

Add a splash of Sherry, bubble for a few mins.

Put into a serving bowl, and drizzle with cane honey, and sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley.

Serve with fresh crusty bread.

My friend Carol Byrne of Further South of Granada blog suggested, pan frying the Morcilla, then topping with blue cheese and bake in the oven until bubbling.  Gracias Carol Nom, Nom x




Pipirrana What a lovely name for a salad.


Pipirrana, what a lovely name for a dish.

When working with my OH at our Golf Academy, many of our members, have heard through the grapevine, or by myself that I’m a little obsessed about food.  Many of the men, are very proud of the culinary skills, and are more than happy to demonstrate to me, and I have no objection, as this results in many delicious lunches prepared for me, in the beautiful alfresco setting at the golf course.

Yesterday was no exception with the lovely ‘Javier’ rustling up his take on ‘Paella’ and the wonderful summer salad.

Pipirrana is a fresh, chopped Spanish salad, and like many Spanish dishes, there are many takes on it.  It basically is ‘Porra” the thick, soupy tomato dip, before it has been blitzed in a blender, with a few personally chosen added ingredients, my favourite being ‘Pulpo’ or crabsticks.

It is a refreshing salad to have on the side of any grilled, barbecued meat or fish dish, or on top of Bruschetta as a canapé.



All ingredients should be peeled and finely chopped.




Green Pepper

Olive Oil

Balsamic vinegar

Sea salt and Fresh ground black pepper


Crabsticks, hard-boiled eggs, pulpo. / Optional

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl; add oil and vinegar to coat and season.

Buen Provecho.

Family, frolics, ferias & figs.


By now at this time of year, I am operating on autopilot. Copious amounts of fun, food, ferias and frolics are starting to pay its toll, not to mention the complete families birthday celebrations to boot. August at La Rosilla is one hectic time.

But just as I think, ‘that’s it no more DETOX please’, another invite, another birthday, another do to plan, pops up.

In between all the revelry, I try and snatch the odd few mins, to take stock, and one of my favourite ways to do this is to indulge in gods on food FIGS straight from the tree. They took their time this year, to be ready and dripping from the tree, or maybe it was just the fact I was waiting, salivating for their ripeness.

Figs matched with some of Andalucia finest other ingredients creates a dish to be proud of, try it I’m sure you’ll agree,


Figs, baked with Goats cheese, wrapped in Serrano ham, and drizzled with cana miel.

  •  Take a handful of figs, cut a slit in the top of each, and stuff with a wedge of Goats cheese.
  • Wrap each fig in a slice of Serrano ham.
  • Fit figs snugly in a baking dish.
  • Bake in a hot oven for 15 mins, till oozing and soft.
  • Remove from oven and drizzle with Cane honey.

Savour and enjoy and mop up the juices with crusty bread.

Heaven on a Plate.







Summer roasted peppers.


Easy Summer dishes, are what I love, using fresh home-grown ingredients where possible .

Here’s a favorite of mine for you, can be enjoyed as a side dish to accompany fish or barbied meat or simply , I like it for lunch, with a hunk of homemade bread, to mop up the Juices and a chilled Fino to sip.

Summer Roasted Peppers

Serves 4

2 Large red peppers, cut in half through the stalk.

4 ripe Tomatoes, cut in quarters.

1 fat clove of garlic

Olive Oil

Fresh herbs ( I use Rosemary or dried oregano that I dry myself)

Anchovy Fillets.


Oil a baking dish, and lay the peppers in it.

Drizzle the inside of the peppers with Oil, season with Salt & pepper, and put in each some slithers of garlic.

Stuff the peppers with the tomatoes.

Drizzle with more oil, S & P, and sprinkle with herbs.

Top with anchovy fillets.

Bake in a hot oven for 25 mins, till tender and oozing.

Other ideas, not too keen on anchovies, top with Goats Cheese, or once out of the oven, shavings of Parmesan..Delish to0.


 Buen Provecho.

Under the Stars.


My first Private Dining event went fabulously last night. I was booked to cook for 14 Australians, who were staying in the most wonderful villa, this was their welcome meal, and only a couple of the party knew, so was a great surprise for all the others.

They were the most lovely family, who had traveled from all over the globe for a re-union, and I was to tempt them with local delights & flavours, whilst they soaked up the atmosphere and charm

It was a pleasure to cook in such a divine location, even the sweltering heat, didn’t dampen my brow !

I welcomed them with a selection of Embutidos, cured meats, salamis, chorizos, jamon, lomo & salchichon, all made in my local town of Colmenar, together with a cheese platter, of goats cheese with a rosemary and thyme crust, the delightful Spanish manchego and a sheep’s cheese with paprika.

Home cured olives, and warm herb & hazelnut bread accompanied the beginning of their feast.

They had chosen a selection of starters, then a giant paella to share.

My daughter entertained with a beautiful flamenco dance and all regalia, and was given a standing ovation.

Supper was finished under the stars, Fruit platter and chocolate fondue & Limoncello drizzle Cake, and with children moonlight dipping in the pool to keep cool.

I love how the joy of food, brings folks together, creates memory moments, full bellies & and the taste of things to come ……

My hanging garden.


My hanging Passion flower garden, is a little hidden oasis, buzzing with bees, busy collecting the nectar for their ooh so delicious honey. It’s a cool spot to retreat to on a hot balmy day, and comes to magical life at night, when it is lit with twinkling fairy lights, and flickering candles.

A perfect spot for a romantic dinner, and if things get to hot under the collar, we can always cool off with a refreshing dip in our plunge pool. Special occasions supper at La Rosilla ‘Supperclub’ can be enjoyed here too.  Small groups of visitors for cooking & culture classes, can sit and soak up the charm.

I dream about the oncoming weeks, sitting and indulging with a plate of unctuous figs, baked with goats cheese, honey and a fresh torn basil leaf…..Bring it on.

Good food & fun :)


Wow what a week-end, as normal food & friends, featured heavily- That’s what I like, that’s why we live here.

Firstly a friend in distress, with family arriving and a recently broken ankle, not good at the best of times, but with visitors looming, and living in the mountainous campo even worse. So La Rosilla, food Home Suppers came to the rescue, I prepared a hamper of goodies, Feta & Watermelon on sticks, Stuffed Red Peppers with Anchovies, Parsley, Lemon & breadcrumbs topped with Goats Cheese and baked in the oven, herb salad with edible flowers.

Then a Harissa & Prawn Stew, with nutty cous-cous and for pud Milk Chocolate Mousse and dipping Cherries. I always love delivering the food, and running through the dishes with clients. Most of the time, they allow me the pleasure of surprising them, I’m always greeted with oohs and ahhs, as each dish reveals itself. I always take freshly baked bread the aroma just divine..I’ve often thought I might do Aromaverts – and drive round with my freshly baked bread hanging out the car window, and intrigue and gain local custom, sort of like the Pied Piper !

Saturday, was like a military operation, I always find whether away for 2 weeks, 0r 2 days, there is always so much to prepare. I also wanted to create some tasty treats to take with me. Perhaps I chose something a little too fiddly, Boquerones in Lemon, Garlic, Parsley & Oil. I sat gutting and de-boning my anchovies, not the prettiest job of all time, children had vanished and didn’t respond to my shouts of “anybody lend me a hand?”, Little Noo appeared with peg on nose, “oh go run & play“. Next spanner in the works, when my OH informed me I couldn’t use the kitchen sink, or dishwasher, as pipes were blocked, they joys of campo (country) living. So with fishy fingers, board and knives, camping cooking style resumed I headed outside to clean up, with the garden hose !!!

Finally beautiful little fish lined up neatly, covered in lemon juice to cure, were left for 3 hours, then drained slightly and doused with Olive oil, garlic and lots of parsley. Delicious. I whizzed up a little tomato salsa, to top our crusty bread, and to create the perfect bed for our topping of boquerones.

Our friends new home, in the most fabulous beach front location, was the perfect setting for everyone to dive in and eat the tasty treat, whilst enjoying copious amounts of Vino tinto. Sun setting, bbqueuing (?) boat sailing, wave jumping…perfecto.

Our costa capers were not to end there, and we traveled on to our next indulgent stop, with our friends from Family in Spain in their new home too. A weekend treat for me to be entertained. I was greeted with, Strawberry & Cava, then the most delicious Watermelon Slush (adult stylee laced with Rum ). We made hummus together, dipped our bread in guacamole, & very moorish blue cheese dip, before sitting under the shade of the most wonderful ‘Bignonia’ to home-made fruity burgers, ribs and wonderfully marinated chicken.

Fitfully full, we’d ate till it ouched, tired from over indulgence, we headed back up to the mountains…Until next time.

For family & friends, for health & happiness, for good foood & fun,
for staying young while growing old. We give Thee thanks.

Stuffing !


Nothing beats the smell, of a roast cooking, it sort of clarifies it is Sunday to me, lets me breathe a sigh of relief, a day of rest and recuperation. A day I don’t need to feel guilty, if I read, sit, stare and look.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still jobs I must attend to..but for some reason on a Sunday they don’t feel like chores.

Preparing the veggies, and accompaniments is a family affair.  my OH peeling potatoes.  I DON’T DO potatoes, well I dislike peeling them.  Little Nell, slices the Runner Beans, with our handy slicer.  No 1 son, whisks up the Yorkshire Pudding batter, nobody makes Yorkshires like him…of course I’ve taught him all he knows.  No 1 daughter isn’t to keen to come into the kitchen, well when I’m in there anyway…not that I’m controlling or anything…but it is MY domain.  So she uses her creative talents, to lay the table, picking flowers from the our mountain and garden at La Rosilla, and setting place names…even though we always sit in the same space, but these little touches, always gives us our Sunday sense of occasion.  Family togetherness, memories and traditions.


One thing we do like to make for our lunch, is home-made stuffing, just some much tastier, healthier and delicious, than the packet type, of dried unrecognisable contents.  It’s so easy too, and all with ingredients we often have at home.  There is no hard and fast recipe to stick too, but this one I’ve made up is fab.


  • 2 Good handfulls of fresh breadcrumbs,
  • mixed with the zest of 1 lemon ,
  • a handfull of fresh chopped herbs from the garden –  I used Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Sage & rosemary.
  • Add 1 finely chopped onion and garlic that has been sauteed in a little butter until softened.
  • Add a few chopped walnuts.
  • Mix in one egg to bind slightly.  then season generously.
  • Pop in  a oven proof dish , and bake for 20 mins.

Enjoy with any roast meat, and also great eaten cold, for lunch the next day.







Nostalgic Food !


Sometimes I like to use food to transport me in my mind, back to memorable occasions and places, most of my best memories involve food, in the most special locations, grand  in a majestic chateau or simple in a field full of wild

flowers and scents of summer. In times of greyness I sit and daydream, and try and re-create the tastes , flavours and feelings these moments left me with.



The mind and taste buds work very well together, one fine example, is to imagine picking a ripe, juicy shiny lemon off the tree, imagine, cutting it in half, smelling the freshness of the zest, then imagine taking a huge bite – bet your face is reacting to this thought and your mouth salivating, with the idea.

Fresh Lemon

Often some peoples best food memories, are nostalgic ones, food from childhood, from eras gone by, most probably totally out of fashion, or so last year, or even using ingredients, one might be ashamed of admitting to, combination’s that others would turn their nose up at and say “How could you?’

Well I’m using this opportunity to ‘fes up, I admit I’m the first to tell my children, “you can’t possibly have that on that, its just not right”, but I seem to have one rule for one and one rule for another, especially if  I’m involved.  I blame it on not knowing any better at a young age, or perhaps it was just expected in times gone by to allow children to do what they want with food, so long as they eat it !  So I admit, I do butter on my Weetabix, evaporated milk on my jelly, butterscotch instant whip and ketchup on my Chicken soup…I know don’t gasp in horror.  I have since grown up…maybe questionable, and cured myself of gaining any more bad habits, but I’m sorry those are just too deep rooted in my heart and soul and I LOVE THEM !

Jelly and Cream.

Oh and there’s one more, I’m even going to share the recipe, you’ll probably not try it..but it’s worth a go.  Pure comfort food in my mind, I reassure you it’s not on the Menu for guests at La Rosilla, but it’s on my dining table tonight, and just for me…My children will be saying ‘Now Mum that’s just wrong’ , it’s one dish I save for myself.

SSShhh secret Corned Beef Stew !

Ingredients :

1 x Tin of Corned beef.

1 Onion chopped.

2 Sticks of celery.

4 Potatoes chopped up, no need to peel.

3 carrots peeled and chopped.

1.5 litres of Homemade veg stock.

2 x bay leaf.

Fresh black pepper.


In a large saucepan, bring the stock to boil, add carrots, potatoes ,celery and onion, simmer until tender.

Add the corned beef cut into chunks, and heat through.

Season with pepper, they’ll be enough salt.

Then serve…Try and enjoy.

Bring on supper time, and transport me back to my youth.

For more delicious, and I really mean it recipes take a look at La Rosillas Home Made recipes.


Why not share some of your childhood food memories, or strange and delightful favourite dishes.