La Rosilla is now part of the “Supper Club” movement….

Potato Cakes

Potato Cakes, stuffed with olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, roasted peppers.

What is a ‘Supper Club’ as writen byCodornui

Supper clubs are an emerging trend in the UK & Europe. The concept originated from a long-held Cuban tradition of eating at ‘paladares’ – essentially private homes that offer food to travelers in need of some hearty sustenance. Somewhere between a restaurant and a private dinner party, they are deeply entrenched in Cuban culture and often have higher standards than some licensed establishments.

The term ‘supper club’ is enjoying a revival in Europe – and now generally refers to a small ‘underground’ dinner party Where guests eat from a set menu. Unlike a restaurant, where you can a book table for two, guests often share a sociable table with other people who they may not know – its a great way to meet new taste-focused friends.

Supper clubs are very much an informal, social dining experience, which can offer incredibly good value and a relaxed evening of entertainment, as there is not the fear of being rushed out to accommodate a second restaurant sitting. Supper clubs they tend to focus on the ingredients and quality of the food.

For the host, supper clubs allow them to share their passion, knowledge & expertise, experimenting with food from the comfort of their own kitchen without having to invest in an expensive restaurant premises, and no doubt making some new foodie & drinkie friends along the way.

There are hundreds of secret supper clubs around the UK & Europe.

La Rosilla is listed for Spain – Yippee

Blurred Logo

La Rosilla

30 euros p.p

Welcome Cocktail


3 fabulous courses

1/2 litre of Red or White wine p.p


Minimum of 6 People required.

Hope to see you all sometime soon, and welcome back previous guests, if you’ve not visited La Rosilla before, go on try something new. You wont be disappointed

Foodie Love to All x



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