La Rosilla is part of the “Supper Club” movement….

Potato Cakes

Potato Cakes, stuffed with olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, roasted peppers.

What is a ‘Supper Club’ as writen byCodornui

Supper clubs are an emerging trend in the UK & Europe. The concept originated from a long-held Cuban tradition of eating at ‘paladares’ – essentially private homes that offer food to travelers in need of some hearty sustenance. Somewhere between a restaurant and a private dinner party, they are deeply entrenched in Cuban culture and often have higher standards than some licensed establishments.

The term ‘supper club’ is enjoying a revival in Europe – and now generally refers to a small ‘underground’ dinner party Where guests eat from a set menu. Unlike a restaurant, where you can a book table for two, guests often share a sociable table with other people who they may not know – its a great way to meet new taste-focused friends.

Supper clubs are very much an informal, social dining experience, which can offer incredibly good value and a relaxed evening of entertainment, as there is not the fear of being rushed out to accommodate a second restaurant sitting. Supper clubs they tend to focus on the ingredients and quality of the food.

For the host, supper clubs allow them to share their passion, knowledge & expertise, experimenting with food from the comfort of their own kitchen without having to invest in an expensive restaurant premises, and no doubt making some new foodie & drinkie friends along the way.

There are hundreds of secret supper clubs around the UK & Europe.

La Rosilla is listed for Spain – Yippee

Blurred Logo

La Rosilla

30 euros p.p

Welcome Cocktail


3 fabulous courses

1/2 litre of Red or White wine p.p


Minimum of 6 People required.

Hope to see you all sometime soon, and welcome back previous guests, if you’ve not visited La Rosilla before, go on try something new. You won’t be disappointed

  • Don’t forget if you rent villas, or your own home in the Axarquia in Andalucia or on the Costa del Sol, why not offer your guests – Luxury Holiday Dining.

Buen Provecho x 


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