Nostalgic Food !


Sometimes I like to use food to transport me in my mind, back to memorable occasions and places, most of my best memories involve food, in the most special locations, grand  in a majestic chateau or simple in a field full of wild

flowers and scents of summer. In times of greyness I sit and daydream, and try and re-create the tastes , flavours and feelings these moments left me with.



The mind and taste buds work very well together, one fine example, is to imagine picking a ripe, juicy shiny lemon off the tree, imagine, cutting it in half, smelling the freshness of the zest, then imagine taking a huge bite – bet your face is reacting to this thought and your mouth salivating, with the idea.

Fresh Lemon

Often some peoples best food memories, are nostalgic ones, food from childhood, from eras gone by, most probably totally out of fashion, or so last year, or even using ingredients, one might be ashamed of admitting to, combination’s that others would turn their nose up at and say “How could you?’

Well I’m using this opportunity to ‘fes up, I admit I’m the first to tell my children, “you can’t possibly have that on that, its just not right”, but I seem to have one rule for one and one rule for another, especially if  I’m involved.  I blame it on not knowing any better at a young age, or perhaps it was just expected in times gone by to allow children to do what they want with food, so long as they eat it !  So I admit, I do butter on my Weetabix, evaporated milk on my jelly, butterscotch instant whip and ketchup on my Chicken soup…I know don’t gasp in horror.  I have since grown up…maybe questionable, and cured myself of gaining any more bad habits, but I’m sorry those are just too deep rooted in my heart and soul and I LOVE THEM !

Jelly and Cream.

Oh and there’s one more, I’m even going to share the recipe, you’ll probably not try it..but it’s worth a go.  Pure comfort food in my mind, I reassure you it’s not on the Menu for guests at La Rosilla, but it’s on my dining table tonight, and just for me…My children will be saying ‘Now Mum that’s just wrong’ , it’s one dish I save for myself.

SSShhh secret Corned Beef Stew !

Ingredients :

1 x Tin of Corned beef.

1 Onion chopped.

2 Sticks of celery.

4 Potatoes chopped up, no need to peel.

3 carrots peeled and chopped.

1.5 litres of Homemade veg stock.

2 x bay leaf.

Fresh black pepper.


In a large saucepan, bring the stock to boil, add carrots, potatoes ,celery and onion, simmer until tender.

Add the corned beef cut into chunks, and heat through.

Season with pepper, they’ll be enough salt.

Then serve…Try and enjoy.

Bring on supper time, and transport me back to my youth.

For more delicious, and I really mean it recipes take a look at La Rosillas Home Made recipes.


Why not share some of your childhood food memories, or strange and delightful favourite dishes.

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  1. Sometimes the foods that scream ‘wrong’ are the best memories from my childhood, I have to agree! My personal favourite is a generous slathering of Nutella and margarine on toast, folded and expertly dipped into my hot coffee for breakfast. I only do this now in moments of weakness, it’s my one true indulgence when no one is looking (or judging) usually around midnight. Yes, I am a serious coffee dipper (or dunker) from way back and I have perfected my dipping skills over the years…never will you see the sad half of a biscuit floating in MY cup! It’s all in the wrist and timing is everything! Actually I even took dipping one step further: to save time I’d make a bowl full of hot coffee milk and just throw 6 or 8 plain biscuits in to soak away which I then devoured one tablespoonful at a time! Some would call it “ultimate-dipping” LOL I still do this with my cereal every morning…some habits never die. Well, thanks for the platform to share…happy dipping! Linda.

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