Getting back into routine !


Food is always high on my agenda, sharing, creating & of course eating. I’m always finding new recipes to try, scouring magazines for inspiration, aswell as being asked by friends and family for mine.

I’ve collated on scraps of paper,  favourite recipes over the summer from visitors . I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet clients from far flung places, happy to indulge my passion and whet my appetite with their superb dishes too.

Over the summer, with full on bookings for Classes, luxury food deliveries & my ‘Supperclub” on the terrace, posting recipes seem to have been put on my back burner !

Well hopefully now, as routine slowly gets back into shape, now children are back at school, all birthdays are finished, well In our family anyway and my last visitors leave on Monday I can start once again to do all the ‘foodie’ things I enjoy.

Just a couple of recipes that are easy family favourites that I have cooked and created for guests and clients of La Rosilla, and that I have sent to my ‘Mum’ when she was having a meltdown, as she was having friends to stay for the week-end, and just didn’t know what to cook…

I hope you like them too…


Smoked Salmon Pate & Rye

 Serves 4

1 packet of full fat cream cheese

200 gr of Smoked Salmon chopped

Zest of a lemon & juice of ½ a lemon

snipped chives

½ a Red onion finely chopped

1 tbsp of Whole grain mustard

a pinch of salt


Packet of Rye bread & Cucumber to serve.

Mix all the above ingredietnst together, for a smooth consitency use a blender.

Put into a pretty serving bowl, and decorate with smoked slamon lemon & chives.

Cut Rye bread into traingles & slice cucumber to decorate plate.


Beef in Red wine


1kg braising beef (cubed)

Bacon lardons – Or thick cut bacon cut into pieces

Baby mushrooms left whole

1 large onion – Chopped

2 carrots chopped

Shallots / Baby Onions – peeled left whole

2 tbspPlain flour

1 bottle of red wine

Small tin of Tomato Puree

Cranberry Sauce

2 tbsp plain flour

½ pt Beef stock

Bay leaf & bouquet garni

Make in large Casserole dish with lid.

Pan fry the bacon until crispy, remove from pan

Add olive oil to pan and brown the beef, a little at a time so it browns nicely, not


Add onion & carrot and fry

Sprinkle with plain flour and stir and cook out flour for about 2 mins, will brown.

Add bacon back in.

Pour on whole bottle of red stirring to get all the juicy bits off the bottom for flavour.

Add tomato puree & beef stock

Pop in a 2 bay leaves & bouquet garni.

Lots of seasoning.

Cook slowly for 2 hours in the oven with lid on.

Then add baby onions & mushrooms – cook for another hour.

  • It may need extra cooking just check, and when beef is tender it’s done.

A tip, when its finished cooking stir in 2 tbsp of cranberry sauce, it’s yum.

Good luck & Buen Provecho










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