My Name is Lynsey Drake, and I relocated to Solano, Colmenar in the Axarquia of Southern Spain 12 years ago with my Family ( Husband & 3 Children + Pets) , lock, stock and barrel….to LIVE THE DREAM.

What’s my dream ?

What do I dream about?

Food Glorious Food

I am a passionate home cook, who loves to entertain, who enjoys to create, and whose attention to detail I believe is….., well that would be slightly blowing my own trumpet.  But I relish to see people enjoy my creations, and soak up the atmosphere, and love to hear, as my kids say to my homemade recipes

‘That’s delish Mum

I am what’s commonly known as a “Cook Book Whore, I read them as novels, always have to have the latest, I have ones for DISPLAY ONLY and those with battered corners, that I couldn’t live with out, I collect food recipes, where ever I go, to try and share and enjoy with others. I continually keep updated with the latest food blogs.

I’m often heard to be saying…I’m doing “a Jamie” or “a Delia“…and “Nigella doesn’t have anything on me“…and I would long to hear Greg Wallace say “cooking doesn’t get better than this !”

I have eaten in some of the worlds finest eateries to name just a few -Le Manoir de Quat Saison, home to Raymond Blanc, The Oriental in Bangkok, The Stinking Rose in San Francisco and my greatest indulgence ever, The Fat Duck in Bray, home to the food god himself Heston Blumenthal. Which have only added to my passion.

World Sherry Day La Rosilla supperclub

It’s a family affair, and children are welcome and encouraged to try and taste new flavours.

We look forward to welcoming you.