Let’s be having you 50 !


Here we go, here we go, here we go.

I realise I use this blog purely for personal reasons, now only taking to the keyboard to type a couple of times a year. Whenever I do sit down and take a look at what I’ve written, I do always think, I should do this more often. It’s great to look back, remember the memories, challenges and life’s ups and downs, I and we have gone through since 2005 when our life on the mountain began.

As I embarked on my 50th year in September, huge changes happened for me, my nest was empty, all baby ‘Drakies’ have flown. Nell now 18 has commenced her uni life in Sevilla, an inspiring and beautiful, cultural city, studying Humanities, interpretation and translation in a double degree !!! 5 years of tough graft, which now doubt will be balanced with 5 years of socialising. The older two, Sash & Jordy are now on the property ladder, both buying their first homes. Life continues to grow and new stages are faced with both in trepidation and excitement.

So now it’s me, my time, to fill my life with work, rest and play. To challenge myself to new ideas in business and home-life, and encourage ‘Drakie’ that my often random thoughts and plans are worthwhile partaking in ūüėČ

Health-wise after a successful hysterectomy (never saw that coming), Hashimotos (Thyroid) and the delightful menopausal stage of life (never imagined it would make me feel like I do) I am determined not to fall into a slump this year and embrace my 50th year.

So in true Lynsey style, all or nothing – I have set myself some goals and tasks to complete before my birthday in September. I won’t bore you with my list, but it includes my huge life-long bucket list destination of Peru, together with funny things to tick off, like having a Pizza delivery, yes I know you can’t believe it, but I’ve never had a Pizza delivered !!!, Milk a goat and take a regular Ice bath, I’ve done 3 so far, cor blimey frioooo.

I’m completing daily, my gratitude and affirmations journal, only takes 10 minutes. Last night I was grateful for a hot bath, 17 years I’ve waited for the bath water to be warm in winter, it’s the little things that make a difference.

I’m consciously having less time on my phone, wow that’s an addiction. The phone no longer gets recharged by my bed, and is put down by 8pm, which is helping me read more (also on my list, to read 12 books this year, doesn’t sound much to many, but it’s huge for me) and switch off.

My walking boots are still on regularly, and new routes are being discovered all the time, thanks to Wickilok. Our camino has been planned, I am praying it will go ahead as it has been cancelled twice due to the Pandemic. We’re pushing ourselves this year and going for longer and further, the Camino Portuguese is our chosen route for Holy Year. We will walk, the coastal path from Porto then onto the central in Spain, 290km. I’m so excited, nothing beats pushing yourselves daily in the great outdoors, exploring new places and meeting pilgrims from all walks of life and countries. Last year I completed the Walk 1000 Miles challenge again, this year I’l be doing that in the back ground of my mind, still hiking as far, but we’re switching up our training and adventures with longer routes and longer elevations, because I’m going to get high at 50, higher than I’ve ever been, feet on the ground.

Looking back on previous years posts, 99 days in particular, it reminds me as I type 19 days into January, that a rest from the booze works wonders, so I’ll continue being ‘Dry’ and enjoy the process. getting more done, less anxiety and sleeping better. This year I’m trying hard not to substitute one vice with another, so my Lays S & V’s are staying firmly in the shop, well for now anyway ūüėČ

That’s enough about me, it’s been great to look back, type again and plan.

It’s a chilly January day, but the sky is blue, the almond blossom is blooming, there’s a log on my fire and I’ve painting to do – I am grateful.

A time we’ll remember.


A time to remember and one we’ll definitely not forget. A time we’d never imagined would happen within our lifetime, in this modern age. A time that we were seeing unfolding in other countries, but couldn’t believe it would come to us, that was on their news, ‘The them & us’ thought process was in full flow. Then it did, then it arrived, then it was consuming our lives.

I am writing this post for me, for my family to store in our keepsake memoirs. To read in the future when we need to look back on or remind ourselves what we’ve lived through, what we’ve survived, how vulnerable we were and are. Controlled movements, business breakdowns, families separated, but also what we’ve positively gained, what we achieved and how I see our lives will change.

Although as I type on an unusually cold and wet May Day (12th May 2020), we are still in Fase 0 in Malaga province of Spanish Lockdown, I will write in past tense, as after I have written this, I hope to not read it for years to come, because quite frankly, I am sick to my back teeth of Covid-19, the politics, the false news, the speculation. I just want to go back to normal or as we’re preparing for it ‘THE NEW NORMAL’

On Friday 13th March !! As I did my last hike, unbeknown to me, and stopped for a cafe con leche at a rural venta, and soaked in the view, the news of the Covid-19 Pandemic and changes were unfolding around me. “Difficult times are coming,” said the bar owner and we just stood and stared.

My youngest daughter was in college in Malaga, rumours were spreading of the impending Lockdown, social media was in a frenzied state, people were travelling whereever they could, to be where they wanted to be. My son travelled up from Gibraltar, for our last reunion, only to be called back within 12 hours. Bars, restaurants, public transport, schools were closing, and then BOOM by the end of the week-end, here we were in Spain in the strictest Lockdown in Europe.

Business bookings started cancelling left, right and centre, tourist and catering industries folded overnight. We watched as our numbers of infected rose, we watched as other countries restrictions seemed to be flaunted and not adhered to, as WE had the army on the streets even in rural mountain villages. Police stops became a norm, with those stopped having to prove their reason for travel, walking or even stepping outside. Heavy penalties for those without justifiable reasons. No outside exercise for 7 weeks. This was like something out of a movie.

Flights stopped, the skies were pollution-free, the world’s countries borders closed, nobody could travel anywhere. My eldest daughter Sasha was put on Furlough from her career at Birmingham airport as air travel was no more, her visit to come home to the mountain for a break was gone.

As realisation sank in and we all tried to adapt to our lockdown lives, motivation to start was on a high, we would get up every day, exercise, make a plan, be productive, focus on the future, be positive, blah, blah, blah. Homeschooling for every child, including our Nell in her first year of Bachillerato in Spain (16), video lessons, WhatsApp group chats, virtual projects, hats off to her college they kept the school routine as well as could be expected. Then the rollercoaster of emotions starting running and the RAIN came. Our Spanish blue skies left us, and our blue moods hit us.

Colleagues, associates and friends rallied round to encourage each other, chivvy each other up, find ways we could grow in the future, damage limitation was in full force. Lack of empathy from some was hard to deal with and one had to learn to scroll on by frequently as the social media posts, opinions and comments went on overdrive. Virtual and life long friends and family not as badly affected financially showed great support and encouragement and to this, we shall never forget.

Food and drink played a huge role in everybody’s coping mechanism, comfort food needed every day, never before bakers were appearing, newbie foodies sharing their creations for all to see, camaraderie for me in its finest form. Food shopping, limited to once a week and only to our nearest shop, meant we had to be more creative in our menu plans and ration some foods, to save for special treats. We were determined for the weekend to have a different feel to the week, which meant 2 bottles of wine not one ūüėČ who was I kidding?

As the weeks passed 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, the smallest of changes were made fortnightly, no work allowed, essential workers only, not more than 1 person in the car, emergency travel only, in the later weeks and after far too long for many stuck in apartment blocks with no outside space, an hour exercise a day no further than 1 km from your home. Gloves and masks became the imperative addition to the wardrobe, and the weekly long-awaited trip to the shop actually was never enjoyable.

On the good days, typically when the sun came out and we could breathe in the mountain air, I’ve loved time spent with my youngest daughter Nell, in normal circumstances and she would be no different as a 16-17-year-old, there would be no way she would spend 24/7 at home especially on the side of a mountain. We’ve laughed, pranked, Tik-Tok’d, exercised, worked together, hugged and cried. A time I shall be eternally grateful for. Regular Video calls helped keep spirits up for elderly parents in isolation on the U.K, family WhatsApp groups kept the banter alive.

Is the end in sight? I can’t see that, but there is a glimmer of hope in the numbers of infected, the majority of Spanish residents have followed the rules and observed the reasons, obviously, there’s always the select few who think they’re are above the law, and jeopardise things for the rest of us. The summer of 2020 will be most unusual, will we feel free or safe to enjoy the beach, eating out, meeting up with friends? We will just put it all behind us and move on? Will we stay in our cocoons and just be content with our families, enjoying the simple life? Time will tell!

I long for the days our border will be open, and we have freedom of choice to fly or travel to other countries, not even for holidays but to visit family, the feeling of not being ALLOWED to, even if necessary and an emergency is hard to bear and we pray each day we won’t have to be put into that situation.

I thought I’d list a few of the activities that we did during our Lockdown, things to kill the boredom, keep the grey matter, things we’d never done before, our time wasn’t wasted, we definitely learned the simple things in life can bring the most joy and happiness :

  • Made my first Youtube cooking video.
  • Baked dozens of loaves of bread. Hunted for flour and yeast, like everyone.
  • Played Monopoly.
  • Did a very difficult jigsaw. (took 3 weeks)
  • Online Yoga.
  • Plank challenge, lasted 10 days ūüėČ
  • Dalgona coffee, had to be done.
  • Decorated
  • Up-cycled
  • Pruned our olive trees.
  • Made fire.
  • Created weekly meal plans ( definitely too much time on my hands)
  • Didn’t buy diesel for 8 weeks.
  • Dug ourselves out of a landslide.
  • Cried live on Instagram.
  • Had to buy logs in April !!! was freezing, had a fire in May !!
  • Had my first doctors’ appointment by phone in Spanish.
  • Was only the T.V in the U.K on the evening news.
  • Had an article featured in the newspaper.
  • Tik-Tok’d
  • Karaoke’d
  • Zoomed.
  • Became and essential service.
  • Tidy every cupboard and draw (they need doing again)
  • Enjoyed watching the wildflowers left to bloom.
  • Drank too much, ate more.
  • Didn’t run out of Loo Roll. Now that ladies & gentlemen is a WIN ūüėČ

End of a decade.


How did that happen, whoosh and the teens be gone, hello roaring Twenties .

Two Drakies have flown the nest, graduated, Passed out, now striving and ambitiously setting out at the start of their careers. Baby Drakie (aka Bright Shining One.) now studying hard and down off the mountain in the city of Malaga. Subjects above my head, Latin, Ancient Greek amongst others, philosophy that battles my brain, but I’m fascinated to hear about and give my point of view.

Hard to imagine when we packed up our bags 16 years ago, with 3 young blondies in tow, for a rural life in a different country, back of beyond second on the right, that they could have such a protected, idylisitc childhood, building dens, climbing trees, dancing flamenco, playing golf yet still are go getters, hard workers and wanting to rock the world. Did I say opinionated ? Yes very, all very different, that makes life even more colourful, and our rare reunions, boisterous, hectic and crazy but I wouldn’t have any other way.

Life on the mountain continues to evolve, challenges of rural living still test us. The season and weather patterns are becoming more muddled, first almond blossom spotted this week, so, so early, we pray for no extreme overnight low tempertaures to protect the blooms and promise a healthy harvest in the Autumn. Olives too were picked by most earlier than norm, we were not prepared, or should I say too busy, earning a crust & cooking paella to harvest ours. Our olives are still hanging precariously to the trees and we hope for a little while longer until we can plan the time and the mill to harvest.

Beuracracy has been bewildering with the much debated, argued and distressing Brexit that looms over us, I won’t get political, but will just say we were grateful that we and our children could make the choice to live and work with open European borders. We hope we have done all that is necessary to safeguard ourselves against the impending future and long may we live at La Rosilla.

I”m absolutely overwhelmed and delighted at the amount of intrepid travellers that have visited us at La Rosilla, to cook with us, dine with and make happy memories. Never have I ever cooked so many Arroces (Paella to you and me, but have to be PC), poured so much sherry, chatted over tapas, nor shared so many anecdotal tales of our life on a mountain.

I achieved my goal to trek down at sunrise from the temple in the foothills of the Himalayas through the jungle in India, down to Rishikesh, which was the end of my Indian adventure with friends. An expedition that will be etched in my mind forever. I achieved my 1000 mile challenge for the 3rd year and I’m ready and eager for my 4th year at the challenge, I recommend to anyone, get your boots on, get walking, feel the difference, one step at a time.

Taj Mahal at Sunrise

So as I embark on a new decade I will continue to chase sunrises, sunsets, walk and walk some more and encourage others to build bigger tables not fences.

Much love, happy cooking, & remember stop, stand and stare, and from my family to yours, hope your Twenties are fantastic.

Our family

Still walking ….


Me time, self care, looking after you, is now finally being promoted in all Social media platforms, #livingmybestlife may not always seem achievable and often our wheels of life are bottom or top heavy. I’m always on the quest to live mine, three years ago I joined the Walk 1000 mile challenge and I can honestly say it has only benefited my life.

The end of our Camino Ingles.
In it together.

To put my boots on, walk out of the front door and get fully absorbed in the great outdoors is one of lifes best medicines. It allows thinking time, planning time, fresh air time. There are days when I can’t be bothered, but if I drag my sorry self out, the endorphins start flowing and life seems a little more bearable.

So I’m still walking, I’ve actually only got 50 miles to go until I hit my 1000 mile target for this year. The miles I’ve hiked this year have been varied, mountainous, coastal, bloody hot, bloody wet, hard going, pace setting, memorable and some routes never wanting to do again.

Stand and stare, keep walking.

I was overjoyed when my hubby finally decided to join me on some of my adventures, it’s so wonderful to walk together, albeit he is always ahead of me ‘Daddy longlegs’ . I’m definitely not as quick as I was, I blame the extras kilos I’m carrying ;).

I’ve embarked on two Caminos this year, the first, walking part of the ancient route of the Camino Mozarabe from Malaga heading inland, 4 days, 100km’s . This was tough, extreme temperatures, mountain climbs, getting lost and not many refreshment breaks or places on route certainly challenged us. Although not far from home, we felt miles away, swallowed by the terrain.

I’ve just completed my second Camino of the year the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela, a wonderful route from coast to city, deep green nature, forests and flora, Galician hospitality, bread to die for and wonderful wines. Few pilgrims line this route but the welcomed ‘Buen Camino’ traditional greeting soothes the soul. Weather was sent to test us, we’re fair weather walkers and we got WET !!! Howling winds and lashing rain accompanied us for four days out our five, gung ho spirit had to kick in and hysterical singing helped.

Camino Mozarabe, here we go.
The start of our Camino Mozarabe

My next voyage is to India, I really can’t believe it, my first long-haul trip in 16 years, I’m so looking forward to the assault to my senses, spices and spiritualism. My boots will be packed and I hope to embark on a life memorable sunset hike in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Walking has opened my mind, saved my soul and allowed me to stand and stare….Long live my boots.

Walking & singing in the rain.


99 Days !


Milestones, challenges, resolutions, all points in time that make me stop and think, re-evaluate. As some of you may know, I love a good personal challenge, walking, losing weight, writing, growing my business La Rosilla to name a few. Challenges give me something to focus on, give me a view of life from a different perspective, they suit my all or nothing, addictive personality. Some challenges I continue, some go on the back burner and get relit frequently, others are fads that get the been there done that t-shirt ūüėČ

By far the biggest challenge that I have continued is my Walk 1000 Mile challenge, I’m on year 3 and on target. Walking has changed my outlook on life, made me physically and mentally fitter has helped me avoid Spinal surgery (for the time being), allowed me to stand and stare, climb to the highest heights, I would have never have climbed before due to my minds limitations. There are days when I think, really, do I have to? No, of course, I don’t, but I know I’ll feel so much better after I have. There are days when I really wish I had more time, maybe to take weeks off and explore new Caminos or famous pilgrim routes. Those days will come and I will tick them off my bucket list.

I’m grateful I live in a location so breathtakingly beautiful, with forever changing flora and fauna throughout the seasons. I’m grateful for the hills and mountains, honestly, I am, my knees may not agree.


I am so chuffed this year my husband has decided to join me on my walking adventures and we can share the sense of achievement together. One extra challenge for me, I thought I was a quick walker, but oh my his pace and long legs push me to the max. I’m fine if I concentrate and walk mirroring his pace, but as I daydream, the next thing I know I’m walking in his shadow.

So why the 99 Days header?

Never thought I’d or should I say we’d get to 99 days, well actually I knew we would, set our minds to it and do it, that’s our motto! But as I sit here and type ‘we have not drunk alcohol for 99 days’ I am immensely proud of us both, our goal of 100 days is soon upon us, and I felt I needed to write my thoughts down for purely personal reasons. ¬†We have never faltered over the past 99 days, and only surprisingly wanted a drink on a few occasions, yes we’ve felt there at times something has been missing and we’ve had to learn to adapt greatly to lifes and situations. This blog is for me to have something to look back, something to remind me of how I feel at this point in time.

None of my comments are judging others, merely making observations, god knows I’ve¬†been and said these things often in the past.

Oh my, what a personal challenge it’s been, more interestingly the social experiment has been fascinating. Many people class levels of drinking differently, the label alcoholic has many guises, just because we’re not swigging voddie out of a milk bottle at breakfast doesn’t mean many of us do not rely on a drink in most parts of our lives, to celebrate, to commiserate, to numb a bad day, yardarms and wine’ o’clock just become everyday vocabulary. ¬†A chilled Rosado with Sardinas on the beach, a Copa de fino whilst I prepare a ¬†Sunday lunch, a few cold beers after a long walk, a big bold Ribera del Duero with the local queso de cabra curado, Gin of every botanical, no harm in all that I know, but counting up the units each week is quite mindblowing. Challenging too, that I’m surrounded by alcohol in my business, entertaining, catering and events, wine and sherry tastings, good food, fine wine go hand in hand.

So we decided to have a change, see life on the sober side, embrace occasions and issues without a bevvie to bolster us up and break the habit.

Things we’ve noticed positive and negative :

  • Alcholol is the only drug, you have to defend yourself not taking.
  • Some people perceive you as boring for not being like them.
  • Some people don’t want to socialise with you if you’re not drinking.
  • Some people constantly ask. why would we not drink?
  • Some people ask, Is it nearly over, will you be back drinking again soon?
  • Some people have said, let me know when you’re drinking again and we can go out, or we can come to visit.
  • Weekends felt similar to weekdays, we needed to change that with more outdoor activities.
  • We’ve got so much more done on the land.
  • We’ve eaten our weight in chocolate.
  • Sleep has improved greatly.
  • Anxiety has diminished.
  • I can only drink 2 alcohol-free beers.
  • I am the one who asks for a cuppa at a dinner party. ¬†Shock horror ūüėČ
  • I can still go out and have a good time, but know when the party is over.
  • I haven’t danced on any tables.
  • I’m more present in the moment.
  • We’re enjoying goal setting and leisure pursuits together.
  • Quit Lit helps.
  • Online communities have your back.

So what’s our plan ? This is the question over the last few weeks as we near the end of our 100 Day Sober challenge, we keep mulling over. ¬†We’re not craving a drink, don’t even fancy one, can we imagine not ever drinking again, no not really. ¬†Can we moderate? hope so, can we stick to some ground rules, or will we revert?

Questions questions, another positive by just saying NO is the freedom it gives you just to get on with life and catch dreams.

closeup photography of brown dream catcher

Helpful resources :




APPS : I am Sober, Insight Timer, Easy Quit Drinking.

Time to chill !

Time to chill !

One way to cool down, in the high summer temperatures is to enjoy a glass or bowl full of chilled Gazpacho.  I keep a glass jug in the fridge to let flavours develop, and enjoy as and when.  Healthy, revitalising and rehydrating, perfect for an alfresco lunch.

There are many varieties and personal touches and changes people make to their recipes, using the abundance of fresh local and homegrown produce ensures a perfect result every time. ¬†Adding our own organic Extra, virgin, olive oil always makes me smile, a slug or two of aged sherry vinegar adds piquancy, together with fresh picked herbs, basil and mint are my go to’s.

In my recipe I made today I add watermelon, these a being sold pile high by the roadsides in Andalucia at the moment,

Stay cool too and try it out here: WATERMELON GAZPACHO FROM LA ROSILLA

food healthy red tomatoes



How the years have flown.

How the years have flown.

It’s our ” Living the dream‘ anniversary, or that’s what we thought and called it when we left England many moons ago, lock, stock & barrel. ¬†Yes, it’s our anniversary of ¬†‘ The good life‘ on the mountain. Evolution,¬†of our family growing up and changing throughout the years and embarking on their own futures and decisions. Evolution of our land & home, simplifying now where we can, having fulfilled our dreams and tick boxes of owning every farm animal, pigs, goats, chickens, horses…. being self-sufficient, with our veggie patch, almonds and olives, learning the hard way through successes, our own organic extra virgin olive oil, failures of dying plants due to lack and no water through the summer months, & upset of animals being killed by Mr Fox and stote, we’ve bought that T-shirt and worn it. ¬†I’m happy now with my Olive orchard, hard work but rewarding, my back door herb and lettuce garden, and wildflowers and gardening to suit the terrain.

We still look at our view and think WOW, we still are grateful we live on the side of a mountain Wow, we still can’t believe that we have 3 bilingual children Wow, 2 now adults using their life swallows and amazons life experiences to enrich their futures.


Always work to do.


Mini Chef.

Times have been tough, but wouldn’t they have been anywhere? That’s life ! Bureaucracy drives us nuts, but we work through it and hold our heads up high. ¬†My ‘little’ Foodie passion is steadily and organically growing into a business I am proud of, sharing our lifestyle, local produce, customs and traditions. ¬†We welcome people¬†from all over the world to have a glimpse of rural mountain life, we cook for celebrations and occasions, people will remember for years. We have made many like-minded friends always with a common theme of eating, drinking and making merry.

My writings are getting more sporadic on here over the years, a few reasons for this;¬†procrastination,¬†I always find other things I should or think I should be doing, ¬†but once I get going I think, “Why don’t I do this more often?” Then there’s my brain fog, Hashimoto’s induced, which has really affected my vocabulary and ability to think what to write. ¬†Hey ho, I have the memories, experiences and thanks to social media, I’m an IG’aholic¬†@larosilla, I can share in other ways.

Our life here still surprises us, often flabbergasts us,  we are still learning the idiosyncracies of living in a different country, habits, mannerisms and morals, but when the going gets tough, our terrace and view awaits, our table is filled with visiting family and friends and my hiking boots are itching to be worn and mountains climbed.


Viva Espana, Viva La Rosilla !


Spring has sprung !

Spring has sprung !

My goodness it was a long time coming, after what has seemed an age of rain, wind and storms and cooler than average temperatures, we woke up at the weekend to blue skies and sunshine.

We enjoyed breakfast alfresco, and drinks and canapés with friends before a long leisurely sunday lunch.

We even got up to Sierra Nevada, to ski before they ended their season.  The constant rain fall gave us plenty of fresh white snow, and the clear skies created the perfect skiing day.  Tired bodies and rosie cheeks were sign of good day had by all, a short 2 hour journey from La Rosilla, we were home for supper and sipping a relaxing glass of red.

Normal service resumed ! Por Fin ! ūüôā

Now the annual pre-summer preparations must start in earnest at La Rosilla, weeding, olive grove maintenance, pruning and burning and then the white paint-a-thon for outside.  Windows are flung open wide to let the air flow through our casa to dry everything out and let the fresh air in.

The mountains are full of wild flowers, orchids, sweet peas, garlics and borage, bees are happy gatehring their pollen and birds busy making nests and singing their hearts out.


I’ve put my hiking boots back on, and trying once more to up my game, get fit and strong to do another leg of The Camino de Santiago in June, this year I’m going to do the Finisterre and Muxia route, along the coastal paths to the the end of the world ;). It’s definitely breathtaking in more ways then one, climbing and hiking the Montes de Malaga, but I’m so grateful I live in this stunning part of the world, and these routes are on more doorstep, ever changing through the seasons and at this time of year in their prime.

Primavera (Spring) lovely to see you x




Poco hecho, for me !

Poco hecho, for me !

How do you like your steak cooked? I won’t judge, well maybe only a little ūüėČ Are you from the cremated side or just off mooing?¬†For me, it’s rare or poco¬†hecho as they call it here in Spain, plump, rested and juicy.

It took me years to master the perfect steak, always looked and seemed so easy, I think it boiled down to the quality of the meat and spending just a little more to get well-aged beef, and not being afraid to crank up the heat under my griddle pan, and smoke the house out for a few minutes.  Now yes I can cook one, and I love it simply with fresh asparagus and oven roasted tomatoes, salt flakes and a good grinding of black pepper, enjoyed with a rich full-bodied red, or my favourite, a powerful, well rounded Oloroso sherry.

There is one restaurant not too far from us though, whose steaks are legendary, and if the opportunity arises and I’m feeling in the need for a meat-fest and my OH is paying ūüėČ I’m there. ¬†El Charco is a family run restaurant in a small village, Los Romanes in the Axarquia, that looks down over the stunning Lake Vinuela. ¬†This venta does typical Spanish and Andaluz dishes very well, and the steaks are to die for. ¬†Cooked in a wood oven, served on the hottest terracotta platters, served to choice, perfectly every time. ¬†Fresh sauces to accompany them mine always a blue cheese, OH’s peppercorn.

Fillet steak rare. Poco Hecho Fillet steak

Starters too are always en point, last nights special was ‘Sopa de Ajo‘ ¬†Garlic soup, with asparagus and poached egg, soothing for the soul, and laced with aphrodisiac properties.

Sopa de ajo

As long as both lovers consume the earthy cloves the magical powers of romance manifest, that was all good as I just knew that my OH would have Gambas Ajillo, hot, bubbling, garlic prawns.  Valentines was going great guns, and bless the restaurant they presented each lady with a Red Carnation (not my favourite) and the men got a look in too, with a miniature DICK sorry DYC and some choccies.

Valentines gift.

So going Out, Out on a school night was a win, and we were tucked up in bed with a cuppa at 10.30pm, seems the garlic had worn off, and our resolutions of knowing when to stop on the alcohol front, were working and they say romance isn’t dead ūüėČ !!




Never will I tire of ‘Tapeando’¬†with friends and family, this is the art and I like to call it that, of enjoying Tapas from one place to the next. A small bite and a copa de vino or Jerez, standing at a bustling bar, or in the market. Maybe indulging in a little lengthier¬†time and sitting at the table an ordering, yet just another to fill the spot, or to sample the new delicacy or gastro tapa to be served.

From simple but tasty local cheeses and olives to mindblowing molecular gastronomy to please the most die-hard foodie like myself or Masterchef in the making.  Malaga delivers on every count, and never disappoints with new innovational bars, alongside cultural and historical institutions of food.

A recent visit with friends, with slightly aching feet, we decided on a one-stop Tapas lunch at the renowned¬†El Tapeo de Cervantes¬†this intimate and cosy restaurant, which is located in the heart of the historical Malaga centre,¬†just steps away from the Cervantes theatre and Picasso’s Plaza Merced, delights with its traditional interior and extensive and exceptional menu of Tapas.

They offer tapas of every guises and taste, listed in an informative way so diners can create their own perfect ‘Tapeo’,¬†if overwhelmed by the choice and you don’t know where to start, let the professionals choose for you. ¬†We did this, not overwhelmed persay, but with 3 differing tastes, we thought let’s go out of our comfort zone and see what they serve.

WOW – Course after course arrived at our table, tapas and raciones (larger plates) of seafood, fish, pork and, duck, enjoyed with a chilled Albari√Īo and a robust Ribera Del Duero. ¬†Each exquisitely plated and served with flair and introduction. ¬†As each dish was delivered there was a moment or two or me wondering ‘How much is this going to cost’…I was paying ūüėČ ¬†But on the delivery of the bill, feeling very indulged and complete, I was delighted – 3 people, 6 Glasses of wine, copious tapas. 65‚ā¨ !! Perfecto ūüôā ¬†Not many cosmopolitan cities in the world, where you can experience¬†that luxury and service on that budget.

Leaving the restaurant on a chilly but bright winter afternoon, we needed to walk off our long lunch, obviously taking in Picasso himself and taking the obligatory photo for my friends, to complete their whistle-stop tour of my inspiring and beautiful city of Malaga, with promises to return.



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