My name is Lynsey Drake, I relocated from Blighty to Solano, in the rural Montes de Malaga, Axarquia in Andalucia, 14 years ago with my family, lock, stock & barrell to ….LIVE THE DREAM !

What’s my dream? What do I dream about?

Why ‘Food glorious food’.


Paella class La Rosilla


I am a passionate home cook, who loves to entertain, enjoys to create and whose attention to details I beleive is…., maybe that’s slightly blowing my own trumpet 😉 I relish to see people enjoying my cooking and soak up the atmosphere of our unique La Rosilla.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing ‘Mis niños’ say;

That’s DELISH Mama! 


I am commonly known as a ‘Cook book whore’  I read them as novels, always have to have the latest.  I have books for display only and those with battered corners and pages stuck together with dough, these I couldn;t live without.  I collect recipes and ingredients and inspiration from where I go.  Sharing recipes with others from around the world, learning tips and tricks from my visitors too.


World Sherry Day La Rosilla supperclub

I’m often heard to be saying, I’m doing ‘a Jamie’ or ‘a Delia’ and loved to be known as the ‘Domestic Goddess’.

I have eaten in some of the worlds finest eateries, along with rustic street food vendors and beach chiringuitos.   Each place creating ‘foodie’ memories and days filled with happiness.

Our rustic traditional ‘Finca’ La Rosilla, sits on its own mountainside with views to die for, amongst our almond and olive groves, and benefits by being hidden in a dell which affords its own micro climate.    The climate and location allow us to enjoy local and home-grown produce all year round, team this with local delicacies from Andalucia and we’re in foodie heaven.

The pace of life feels like a bygone era.  Ancient traditions in farming and agriculture are still going strong.  Peace and tranquillity guaranteed.Now at La Rosilla we offer Cooking and Culture Classes, Gourmet Tours and Event Catering in our area of the Axarquia, Andalucia.  Guests and visitors travel from all over the world to experience a taste of our rural lifestyle and a celebration of Andalucian produce. They soak up the atmosphere, breath in the fresh air, enjoy a place at our table and leave as friends.



It’s a family affair, and children are welcome and encouraged to try and taste new flavours.

We look forward to welcoming you.