Morcilla Love it or Hate it.


Morcilla / Love it, hate it …

I was never a black pudding kind of a girl when living in Blighty,  but since living in Spain in our rural location, where embutidos / cured meats are a specialty and handmade, full of flavour and natural ingredients, my taste buds have changed.

We were thrown into the deep in end a few years back, when I was trying to create my ‘Good life’  I always fancied being a Barbara not sure OH was too keen on being Tom ! I decided in my wisdom we needed livestock, pigs, goats and hens.  So livestock we had.

After months of feeding our pigs ‘Prada and Boggis’, that was a mistake. Tip no 1 don’t name your animals you’re going to eat.  They out grew their paddock.  I decided to move them on Christmas Day as their present, to their new larger run. That was a comedy show in itself, me glammed up to the nines, after a few cheeky cava’s and a full to bursting tummy, with a family shouting orders, but not taking part, sipping their digestif and enjoying the obligatory post dinner cigar.

After a few falls, expletives and paper crown dislodged, my Giant pigs Prada and Bogis were safely rehomed in their majestic run.

As the months went on, I knew I had to organize the final deed.  My neighbours set to it and a full Spanish ‘Matanza del Cerdo’ was prepared and executed *excuse the term, for us.  Due to the nature of a Matanza, I’ll let those who want to know more click here.

So for months we had pork of all styles and recipes of pork in every conceivable way.  That evening we were presented with armfuls of Morcila, skillfully handmade by the ladies of the village, delicately spiced, and hung to dry.

So now I had to create new recipes for Morcilla.   I also love to convince visitors and friends, that it is delicious.

This is my favourite.

Morcilla & Apple.


1 x Morcilla, cut into 1cm rings.

2 x Granny Smiths apples or tart eating apple. Chopped into bite size pieces

1 x Red onion, finely chopped

Cane honey

Splash of Sherry.

Fresh Parsley.


Pan fry the onion in a little olive oil, when softened add the apple, fry till golden.


Add the Morcilla, and brown each ring on each side.

Add a splash of Sherry, bubble for a few mins.

Put into a serving bowl, and drizzle with cane honey, and sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley.

Serve with fresh crusty bread.

My friend Carol Byrne of Further South of Granada blog suggested, pan frying the Morcilla, then topping with blue cheese and bake in the oven until bubbling.  Gracias Carol Nom, Nom x




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