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Still walking ….


Me time, self care, looking after you, is now finally being promoted in all Social media platforms, #livingmybestlife may not always seem achievable and often our wheels of life are bottom or top heavy. I’m always on the quest to live mine, three years ago I joined the Walk 1000 mile challenge and I can honestly say it has only benefited my life.

The end of our Camino Ingles.
In it together.

To put my boots on, walk out of the front door and get fully absorbed in the great outdoors is one of lifes best medicines. It allows thinking time, planning time, fresh air time. There are days when I can’t be bothered, but if I drag my sorry self out, the endorphins start flowing and life seems a little more bearable.

So I’m still walking, I’ve actually only got 50 miles to go until I hit my 1000 mile target for this year. The miles I’ve hiked this year have been varied, mountainous, coastal, bloody hot, bloody wet, hard going, pace setting, memorable and some routes never wanting to do again.

Stand and stare, keep walking.

I was overjoyed when my hubby finally decided to join me on some of my adventures, it’s so wonderful to walk together, albeit he is always ahead of me ‘Daddy longlegs’ . I’m definitely not as quick as I was, I blame the extras kilos I’m carrying ;).

I’ve embarked on two Caminos this year, the first, walking part of the ancient route of the Camino Mozarabe from Malaga heading inland, 4 days, 100km’s . This was tough, extreme temperatures, mountain climbs, getting lost and not many refreshment breaks or places on route certainly challenged us. Although not far from home, we felt miles away, swallowed by the terrain.

I’ve just completed my second Camino of the year the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela, a wonderful route from coast to city, deep green nature, forests and flora, Galician hospitality, bread to die for and wonderful wines. Few pilgrims line this route but the welcomed ‘Buen Camino’ traditional greeting soothes the soul. Weather was sent to test us, we’re fair weather walkers and we got WET !!! Howling winds and lashing rain accompanied us for four days out our five, gung ho spirit had to kick in and hysterical singing helped.

Camino Mozarabe, here we go.
The start of our Camino Mozarabe

My next voyage is to India, I really can’t believe it, my first long-haul trip in 16 years, I’m so looking forward to the assault to my senses, spices and spiritualism. My boots will be packed and I hope to embark on a life memorable sunset hike in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Walking has opened my mind, saved my soul and allowed me to stand and stare….Long live my boots.

Walking & singing in the rain.