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End of a decade.


How did that happen, whoosh and the teens be gone, hello roaring Twenties .

Two Drakies have flown the nest, graduated, Passed out, now striving and ambitiously setting out at the start of their careers. Baby Drakie (aka Bright Shining One.) now studying hard and down off the mountain in the city of Malaga. Subjects above my head, Latin, Ancient Greek amongst others, philosophy that battles my brain, but I’m fascinated to hear about and give my point of view.

Hard to imagine when we packed up our bags 16 years ago, with 3 young blondies in tow, for a rural life in a different country, back of beyond second on the right, that they could have such a protected, idylisitc childhood, building dens, climbing trees, dancing flamenco, playing golf yet still are go getters, hard workers and wanting to rock the world. Did I say opinionated ? Yes very, all very different, that makes life even more colourful, and our rare reunions, boisterous, hectic and crazy but I wouldn’t have any other way.

Life on the mountain continues to evolve, challenges of rural living still test us. The season and weather patterns are becoming more muddled, first almond blossom spotted this week, so, so early, we pray for no extreme overnight low tempertaures to protect the blooms and promise a healthy harvest in the Autumn. Olives too were picked by most earlier than norm, we were not prepared, or should I say too busy, earning a crust & cooking paella to harvest ours. Our olives are still hanging precariously to the trees and we hope for a little while longer until we can plan the time and the mill to harvest.

Beuracracy has been bewildering with the much debated, argued and distressing Brexit that looms over us, I won’t get political, but will just say we were grateful that we and our children could make the choice to live and work with open European borders. We hope we have done all that is necessary to safeguard ourselves against the impending future and long may we live at La Rosilla.

I”m absolutely overwhelmed and delighted at the amount of intrepid travellers that have visited us at La Rosilla, to cook with us, dine with and make happy memories. Never have I ever cooked so many Arroces (Paella to you and me, but have to be PC), poured so much sherry, chatted over tapas, nor shared so many anecdotal tales of our life on a mountain.

I achieved my goal to trek down at sunrise from the temple in the foothills of the Himalayas through the jungle in India, down to Rishikesh, which was the end of my Indian adventure with friends. An expedition that will be etched in my mind forever. I achieved my 1000 mile challenge for the 3rd year and I’m ready and eager for my 4th year at the challenge, I recommend to anyone, get your boots on, get walking, feel the difference, one step at a time.

Taj Mahal at Sunrise

So as I embark on a new decade I will continue to chase sunrises, sunsets, walk and walk some more and encourage others to build bigger tables not fences.

Much love, happy cooking, & remember stop, stand and stare, and from my family to yours, hope your Twenties are fantastic.

Our family

Malaga museum & meanderings.



It was with honor myself & my dear friend Lisa @familyinSpain were chosen to represent Costawomen as one of the influential foreign residents groups of Anadalucia at the prestigious reception at the Inspiring Carmen Thyssen Gallery in Malaga.


Tour of Carmen Thyssen



The leaders and senior members of some of the most important foreign residents’ associations on the Costa del Sol attended

Malaga, April 19th 2012:Yesterday the Carmen Thyssen Museum held a reception for representatives of some of the international societies and associations on the Costa del Sol. Almost 40 representatives from these groups were welcomed to the art gallery by the managing director, Francisco Javier Ferrer and the artistic director, Lourdes Moreno. During the afternoon event, the guests were given information about the Museum and its Collection, including the new temporary exhibition ‘Paradises and Landscapes in the Carmen Thyssen Collection. From Brueghel to Gauguin’, which runs until 7th October.

Foreign residents reception.

The location of the museum in the historical and dramatic centre of Malaga, is the perfect backdrop for such inspiring works of art, the palace itself is a calming oasis, allowing the visitor to absorb the moment and feel of the pieces.

Making the most of the invitation allowed for a day in the city, leaving the Montes behind, I took the excellent bus service from Colmenar to Malaga city, to meet Lisa for a spot of sightseeing, exploring, lunching & sipping. Most of the time many off us are guilty of just hopping in the car, and going from A to B, but today no, on foot we went, and walked & walked some more. Our meeting point and first port of call, was the colourful and buzzing Food marketAtarazanas’ daily market where the freshest produce, vegetables, fruits, bread and the catch of the day., were all displayed to perfection, a hive of activity and a heaven for a ‘foodie’ like me, tasters were offered to us of locally cured olives, and almonds freshly roasted. Tapas and Copas were being enjoyed as shoppers rested their feet & bags.

We wondered through the old city, me leading the way, with Lisa my ever trusty photographer following to the rear snapping as she went. (view photos here) Shops full of with flamenco flair, haberdasheries bursting to their seems, cafe culture being enjoyed to the max in the warm spring sunshine.

Of course we were building up a hunger and a thirst that needed quenching, and we do like to centre our day with sampling the local cuisine, well it would be rude not to 😉 , we headed to Plaza Merced, birth place of Picasso, and decided on Citrus as our watering hole. The menu del dia, was modern and fresh and served with style, We both chose a Mozzarella and Sun- dried tomato salad with olives and Mustard dressing, my main was poached chicken with an apple puree and cous-cous, light and moist Lisa had seared Tuna on a butternut squash risotto,

Lunch at Citrus

dessert was unusual, ‘Migas de bizococho’ translates as cake crumbs, with yoghurt and raspberry salsa. 8.50 euros per person food value doesn’t get better than this.

We decided to walk off our lunch before taking coffee & cake 😉 Malaga film festival was being prepared and the red carpet was laid in the dramatic and elegant street of Calle Larios, street performers added to the ambiance.


We strolled then to the reception at the gallery, to be welcomed by an informative talk , and guided around the museum and its new exhibition ‘Landscapes & Paradises’ by the most informative and interesting guide, after we were invited to drinks and Tapas.

I am not a city girl, but I do love a day out on the town, and Malaga never disappoints me a cosmopolitan air, with traditional roots and feel of days gone by.

With aching feet Lisa & I bid each other farewell, I returned to my mountain & La Rosilla looking forward to re-discover Malaga another day.