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Bursting with life – well I want to be.


The mountain really is bursting to life, bringing in the new year with a flourish.  Blossom of the softest baby pinks and creamy whites are dressing the montes, giving the illusion of snow covered hillsides, the sweet perfumed blooms are enjoying the warmth of the sun.  The clearest and brightest blue skies allow vistas for miles, with sea and snow veiled sierras in the same view.

Daisies & passionflowers juxtaposed, but with beauty comes green in it’s masses, green in the way of weeds…and weeding I have not got around to yet.  Unlike the mountain I’m not bursting with life, I want to be, my mind is ready but waiting for the body to follow.

Unfortunately I’ve succumbed to the dreaded cold/flu virus that is stubbornly holding on to me.  Now I’ve had enough, and I’m going to follow that ancient pearl of wisdom, “Feed a cold & starve a fever“, dosing myself up as my mother would say, with comforting ,wholesome & hearty dishes, and drinks to warm and soothe.

Leftovers from the festive time, are still being put to good use, to make bowls of Sopa de picadillo & Creme of brocoli with stilton & jamon.  I’ve been and purchased some local honey, made from the bees of Colmenar, picked some lemons off my tree, & added a touch of cinnamon and topped up with hot water to soothe my throat and give me a boost of Vitamin C.

Colmenar honey

Tastes & perfume from the mountains

Tonight is a last ditch attempt to shift my bug, with a super hot curry full of vegetables, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms & butternut squash and cooked by my OH, so that makes it even better.

I hope to back on full form soon, so I can enjoy what nature has to offer, a mild winter and what I came here for, the sunshine.

In bloom !


Brain a fuddle from festivities, larder & fridge still not rid of its excesses, I’m not quite ready to fling myself into the New, almost but not quite.  Just a few more days & one week-end left of indulgence – the Joys of living in Spain, the beginning of January or at least the new regime doesn’t start, till after the 3 Kings have made the Journey from the East.

I’m not totally procrastinating , I’m looking forward to putting last year behind me and facing the future, bright and bubbly.  La Rosilla has had its first Spring clean, so it is detoxed , decs away, windows cleaned to allow the sunshine to flood right through, and a list of jobs to do has been made.

The mountain garden is certainly flourishing in our mild winter we’re having, and blooms and buds are adorning the plants with colour so bold.

Hello Daisy

Passion Flower


Mother Nature knows it is time for a change with a polite reminder to partake in  healthier dishes and juices, with fruits dripping from the trees and onion sets & broad beans shooting up into the New Year.

Good Old Mother Nature 🙂

Catch up !


Catching up on life, keeping up with traditions, getting some fresh air have all been on our agenda this month. We’ve been blessed by glorious weather up in the mountains so far, clear days, beautiful sunrises & sunsets, skies oh so blue. Crisp mornings, and nights still bearable with an extra blanket or two.

Noo, Rizo & Spencer

We’ve taken country walks, to blow away the cobwebs, and breathe in the clear air, and stop and look at what is happening around us. Flowers still blooming, trees full to bursting with citrus, oranges, lemons & grapefruits. The river is gently flowing, perfect to wade in wellies, play pooh sticks, and for the dogs to have their annual swim, well or Spaniel anyway the Water Dog, does everything she can to avoid getting her paws wet !!

We journeyed a little more inland to the spectacular El Torcal natural park, to climb, trek and picnic with our friends aka @familinspain, enjoying the winter sunshine, and trying to walk off our already indulgent excesses.

El Torcal National Park

In the home, we’ve baked, and cured. Tree decorations, mince pies & sausages rolls, which were meant to be for Crimble, but got munched as soon as out of the oven…well who can resist a hot sausage roll.

Hot Sausage Rolls

Our olives have had their month of being bathed in water to extract their bitter juices, and now have been rinsed and marinated in thyme, rosemary, parsley  caraway, orange zest, sherry vinegar, garlic, bay & olive Oil for us to enjoy over the months to come.

So with a slight lull in proceedings today, perhaps I shouldn’t talk to soon, I’ve taken the time to catch up with my goings on….who knows when I’ll have time in the near future.

Out for 3 festive frolics this weeks, god bless my liver & my sanity 😉