In bloom !


Brain a fuddle from festivities, larder & fridge still not rid of its excesses, I’m not quite ready to fling myself into the New, almost but not quite.  Just a few more days & one week-end left of indulgence – the Joys of living in Spain, the beginning of January or at least the new regime doesn’t start, till after the 3 Kings have made the Journey from the East.

I’m not totally procrastinating , I’m looking forward to putting last year behind me and facing the future, bright and bubbly.  La Rosilla has had its first Spring clean, so it is detoxed , decs away, windows cleaned to allow the sunshine to flood right through, and a list of jobs to do has been made.

The mountain garden is certainly flourishing in our mild winter we’re having, and blooms and buds are adorning the plants with colour so bold.

Hello Daisy

Passion Flower


Mother Nature knows it is time for a change with a polite reminder to partake in  healthier dishes and juices, with fruits dripping from the trees and onion sets & broad beans shooting up into the New Year.

Good Old Mother Nature 🙂

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