Bursting with life – well I want to be.


The mountain really is bursting to life, bringing in the new year with a flourish.  Blossom of the softest baby pinks and creamy whites are dressing the montes, giving the illusion of snow covered hillsides, the sweet perfumed blooms are enjoying the warmth of the sun.  The clearest and brightest blue skies allow vistas for miles, with sea and snow veiled sierras in the same view.

Daisies & passionflowers juxtaposed, but with beauty comes green in it’s masses, green in the way of weeds…and weeding I have not got around to yet.  Unlike the mountain I’m not bursting with life, I want to be, my mind is ready but waiting for the body to follow.

Unfortunately I’ve succumbed to the dreaded cold/flu virus that is stubbornly holding on to me.  Now I’ve had enough, and I’m going to follow that ancient pearl of wisdom, “Feed a cold & starve a fever“, dosing myself up as my mother would say, with comforting ,wholesome & hearty dishes, and drinks to warm and soothe.

Leftovers from the festive time, are still being put to good use, to make bowls of Sopa de picadillo & Creme of brocoli with stilton & jamon.  I’ve been and purchased some local honey, made from the bees of Colmenar, picked some lemons off my tree, & added a touch of cinnamon and topped up with hot water to soothe my throat and give me a boost of Vitamin C.

Colmenar honey

Tastes & perfume from the mountains

Tonight is a last ditch attempt to shift my bug, with a super hot curry full of vegetables, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms & butternut squash and cooked by my OH, so that makes it even better.

I hope to back on full form soon, so I can enjoy what nature has to offer, a mild winter and what I came here for, the sunshine.

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