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“There be snow on them there hills”


When we left the U.K lock, stock, and barrel in May of 2005, we gave away to charity and friends, flogged and chucked, many of our possesions, don’t worry we still bought an arctic lorry load of belongings with us. ¬†That was a challenge in itself, artic lorry, mountain roads, off-road tracks ūüėČ ¬† Of course, we offloaded our winter woolies, puffa jackets,¬†and toboggans, why wouldn’t we? we were moving to Spain ūüėČ Yes, yes I know we should have done our homework, blimey I’d researched everything else, but the weather don’t be silly.

One Saturday when we were on an idyllic¬†family walk, 2,4 & 6 years old in tow, moaning, pexels-photo-266642that it was freezing they could walk no further.¬†Suddenly as a mother I thought, well perhaps we are a little unprepared, it became more peaceful then usual, slightly eery and a light we’d never experienced before. ¬†Heading back to warm by the fire and soothe tetchy toddlers with comforting ColaCoa (Hot Choc) we shut the day behind us.


Awaking the next morning and opening the shutters the OH declared ‘Bloody Hell it’s snowing’ ¬†‘SNOWING?’ with no central heating, and beautiful albeit rustic wooden doors and windows, the inside temperature of the house had dropped to 8 degrees. ¬†Dragon breath and icicles from the nose were the new personal accessories.

Needless to say, the ni√Īos were delighted, wrapped up in anything we could find, off they trotted up the mountain with tea trays and plastic bags in hand as make shift sleds. ¬†The vecinos (neighbours) were out assuring us this was the first snow they’d seen in 60 years….”oh yes just great I thought, and it’s my first year”


When our Sun-lougers became Snow loungers ūüėČ

After the initial shock we then had to plan for subsequent years, and actually, we are grateful to have changing seasons and weather surprises to keep us on our toes. ¬†We learned that up in the Montes the high peaks over 800 meters often have a cover of snow, us at La Rosilla at 600m, will get a flutter occasionally during winter but more than not it doesn’t settle.

Now, this week the snow is BACK !! Last week we were basking in temperatures in the warm 20’s and now the thermometer isn’t getting above 8c in the day and freezing at night. ¬†It all adds to the January reality that it’s not always sunshine and siestas, and that we’re going have to dig deep to keep warm, keep nourished and keep on track to fulfill our New Years earnestness.

Presently, this week the snow is BACK !! A week ago we were luxuriating in temperatures in the warm 20’s and now the thermometer isn’t getting over 8c in the day and glacial at evening time. Everything adds to the January reality that it’s not constantly bright and late lunch¬†breaks and afternoon napping, and that we’re going need to burrow down to keep warm, keep healthy and keep on track to satisfy our New Years resolutions.

Comforting but frugal food is on the menu, soups, curry, hot-pots and a favourite of mine the wonder of the slow cooker, to allow tantalising aromas of what you have to look forward when the days chores are done.



Some of our favourite home-made recipes are here. –

Butternut Squash and Zataar Soup.

Slow Cooking

Broccoli soup with melted cheese montadito.

Keep cosy everyone x



What a difference a day makes !


I think this must be the windiest winter on record, well it’s certainly the windiest we’ve experienced living on the mountain.¬† In fact in the 8 years we’ve lived here , we’ve lived through many weather records, the hottest summer, the wettest Autumn, the driest winter, Snow first time in 80 years .. we call it living in extremes, or all weathers.

The skies have been so clear and blue this winter, and on most days we can see the snow topped mountains of Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean¬† sea – journeys to the coast afford views of Africa, and its Moorish headlands.¬† The wind though has paid it’s price, this morning hiking up the mount to the meet the school bus, I had to hold on to my little daughter as she was almost blown away, we sheltered in a nook from the howling wind, olives that have not yet been picked were hurtling through the air like missiles.¬† As soon as it comes though it subsides, and calm prevails once more.

Yesterday we were able to to enjoy a feast with friends alfresco, with Secreto Iberico‘ on the barby and a huge terracotta dish piled high with patatas a lo pobre‘ , along with herb salad and the first nasturtium flowers of the season, and a giant loaf of rye soda-bread to mop up juices. A day in the fresh air, rosie cheeks, full bellies, and then a night in front of the fire, with a trifle to boot ūüėČ

Today the wind is back, and the temperature has dropped, so the home fires are burning and warming comfort food is needed – Albondigas are bubbling away, and a tray of luscious Oatie, fruit & nut flapjacks have been made to enjoy with a little camomile & honey tea.

What a difference a day makes, but it keeps us on our toes, and makes us make the most of all weathers.

Here I share my recipe for a very large tray of Oatie, fruit & nut flapjacks.

Oaty,fruit & nut traybake

2 oranges – zested & juiced

1 lemon – zested & juiced

200 gr Sultanas

400 gr butter

200 gr Brown sugar

200 gr Golden syrup

200 gr Plain flour

500 gr Oats

200 gr pine nuts

  • Put juice, zest of fruits & sultanas in a saucepan and heat gently, for the sultanas to plum up – for about 5 mins.
  • Add butter , syrup & sugar to the pan and heat gently until all melted.
  • In large bowl put flour, oats & nuts, mix then add melted mixture, stir well until thoroughly mixed.
  • Pour mixture into a large lined baking tray and bake in oven 160 c for 25 mins until golden
  • Cut into squares whilst warm then allow cool.




A week of all weathers !


Clear blue skies and temperatures mild,

exlporing , den making, perfect days for a child.

Sun shining, time to sit with my book,

Inspired for alfresco Paella to cook.

With tasty leftovers in hand,

a day at the beach, picnic on the sand.

Return to La Rosilla with rosie cheeks and smiles on our face.

Memories created, of our special place.

As temperatures drop fire gets made,

time for yet more logs to be laid.

A loud crack, and a flash lights the sky

as rain starts to fall, in my bed I cant lie,

chilled to the core the world has gone mad

Wait a minute is that snow ? Oh my goodness a week of all weathers we’ve had !

Warmth, sun, lightening, rain now snow

Remind me where I live and what month its is,

Cos’ one thing for sure my body and mind’s in a tis.