The rain in Spain.


Well I suppose we had to have it eventually, and have it we have – continuous rain & storms since Monday, I’m deluged in water at La Rosilla & last night we had the most spectacular electric storm, keeping the house awake all night.

The thing is our idyllic setting, is just so in all seasons when it’s dry, but now matter how well we prepare, it’s never quite enough, to stop natures force of never-ending rain when it starts.  So today on the mountain I have been digging ditches & getting soaked in P.J’s & pink hunters, trying to persuade the water flow, to take not such a devastating course .  Located half way up a mountain, the water only goes one way, & that is down to the river at the bottom of our land and it doesn’t go slowly but at full  force.

My children’s fairy garden, their den, for making potions, hiding and living their Swallows & amazons’ lifestyle, had it’s own water feature today, it’s going to take some renovation, but at least they didn’t loose their teapot 😉

Check it out here – La Rosilla fairy garden, water feature.

So today at La Rosilla we have had wet dogs & that delightful, NOT  ‘eau de pouch’, Kitty & Cat  not wanting to venture out – A drenched ‘Me’ with backache and mud encrsuted nails, from shovelling ….. and two ravenous children about to return home from school.

Only one thought for lunch …It’s a home made soup, kind of a day ….

So raiding the fridge,

2 Onions chopped, sauteed in oil & butter until softened

1 head of broccoli, floretted ( such a word ? you know what I mean 😉 ) and stalks chopped .

Stalks added to onions .

Hot chicken or vegetable stock about 1 1/2 litres poured over.

Simmer until stalks al-dente .
Then add, broccoli florets , and simmer until just cooked and still lovely and green.

Whizz up with a hand blender & season with Salt & Pepper.

That’s it , easy !

I topped mine with a little crusty bread and a melting round of goats cheese, the children, mopped there’s up with hunks of bread, and refilled their bowls with seconds, before donning their wellies to investigate & have fun in the mud

As I type the rain has taken a breather, but the river torrents are still flowing and the clouds on the mountains in view are hanging low, but hang on a chink of blue & a ray of light.

Chink of blue 🙂

Buen fin de semana todos stay dry !

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  2. OH dear – you have had a deluge, haven´t you? We have fared a little better further east.

    I made some soup yesterday, too – similar to yours but I added a sweet potato to the onions (I presume you mean that in your recipe rather than Ovens!). My soup came out such a lovely autumny colour too 🙂

    Hope you soon get the fairy garden restored!

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