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Beside the seaside.



I have had the most frenetic time recently, work, work & work, but lots of play, play,play too ๐Ÿ™‚

Time with friends has featured heavily, in between, cooking for family & clients, Mum’s taxi services, homework patrol, cleaning , blah, blah, blah you know the rest. Sleep seemed to have been put on a back burner, well so much to do so little time, but an odd cheeky siesta was necessary to get me through burning the candles at both ends.

My dear friend Kate from college arrived on a late night flight from Hamburg, for a short-break catchup, after 5 long years of our lives getting in the way, so as you can imagine, wine flowed & tongues wagged. One of our excursion whilst she was holidaying with me, was to the fabulous Tanit Beach Club in Torre del Mar, for our ‘Beside the Seaside’ day. A sea mist kept the temperature bearable and after a much needed coffee and cake to start, we bagsied our sunbeds, we were joined by Maria, and to my delight a ‘Chef’s display’ and TV cameras filming ๐Ÿ™‚

Tanit Beach Club

Lunch was enjoyed in their delightful chiringuito, a canape ‘Tapa’ was offered and we shared and grazed on a Salad of goats cheese, walnuts and sultanas with a cana miel dressing, and then Chicken & bacon brochette, with a mustard & honey dressing.

Vino & Tapa

Delicious Tanit Salad


Chicken & Bacon Brochette


We did brave a toe dip in the sea, but then the lure of comfy beds and a quick shut eye won ๐Ÿ˜‰


Siesta Time



Ruta de la Teja.


Never enough hours in the day ! – Ruta De La Teja

ย Waking yesterday morning, It dawned on me, I needed to put my best foot forward, grab a few hours that I didn’t have, slap on some SPF, fill up my water bottles, don my shorts, as I was off to join Rosie and a small group of ‘Views from the Hills’ members on our hike/trek/walk along the Ruta de la Teja, from the hilltop town of Comares.

Having had a few weeks, or should I say months of hectic-ness, I was actually looking forward to breathing in the air, taking a breather and stopping to look at โ€œ why I live hereโ€ ..Being with a ‘dodgy’ motor for sometime, I was kindly collected by Diane with Lisa in tow, who were to be my walking companions. Laughter started with earnest, at my choice of clothes, with the ladies, commenting I looked like a school girl, little did they know, this is what I wanted to feel like, remember the days of excitement when you were off on a school trip ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Our’ journey up to Comares allowed us to off load our woes, grumble about aches and pains, bureaucracy and too positive achievements we were all making.

On arriving at Comares we tried to park as close to the plaza as possible, well we didn’t want to waste our energy on the uphill climb, before we’d even started our walk.;) But alas our efforts of plaza parking were duped, as Comares unbeknown to us was in feria mode , Feria de los Mariscos, and the town was being decorated to the nines in Moorish style, with wonderful artisan stalls, an added bonus.

After meeting up with Rosie and friend Rose, seasoned hikers !!! We sipped a necessary coffee in the sunshine, and then started our amble, chatting, taking photos and indulging in the spectacular scenery. The weather was perfect warm and comforting, figs were ripening on the trees, wild gladioli stood majestically, campesinos were collecting herbs and foraging on the hillside , pools of clear fresh water were homes to tiny frogs. Views were amazing, each of us pointing our across the valleys beyond to our homes.

We stopped and enjoyed, our snacks in the shade of almond and olive trees. Walking back up to Comares was the only time, my thighs began to moan a little, but I knew the bar was at the end…ready for me to have a …diet coke ;).


We all agreed to take time out of our schedules, even though we thought we shouldn’t or couldn’t was a great tonic, and walking we should do more often…Next trek โ€“ Mazmullar.

ย Thanks Rosie, thanks walking companions โ€“ Enjoyed it x

A week of all weathers !


Clear blue skies and temperatures mild,

exlporing , den making, perfect days for a child.

Sun shining, time to sit with my book,

Inspired for alfresco Paella to cook.

With tasty leftovers in hand,

a day at the beach, picnic on the sand.

Return to La Rosilla with rosie cheeks and smiles on our face.

Memories created, of our special place.

As temperatures drop fire gets made,

time for yet more logs to be laid.

A loud crack, and a flash lights the sky

as rain starts to fall, in my bed I cant lie,

chilled to the core the world has gone mad

Wait a minute is that snow ? Oh my goodness a week of all weathers we’ve had !

Warmth, sun, lightening, rain now snow

Remind me where I live and what month its is,

Cos’ one thing for sure my body and mind’s in a tis.