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Barbour & Hunters.


When we moved to Spain some 9 years ago, whoosh where did that time go ? As I was packing up, lock, stock and barrel and the removal truck had a squidge of space left, I squeezed in my Barbour and Hunter wellies.  I was called crazy, mad, all the names under the sun, ‘ Do you know where we’re moving to ? ‘but I worked hard to get them and my Hunters were PINK, enough said !

Barbour and Hunters

Our first summer at La Rosilla, I paraded in my wellies regularly, often in just cozzie and pink boots, I was a sight to be seen.  They were the best protection for my ankles and legs, as we tackled our overgrown mountain, and snakes were a common occurrence.

Our first winter it snowed !!!! First time in 80 years, and we happened to be there, history in the making.  Out came my wellies and on went my waxed coat…who’s laughing now ? 😉

And so my righteousness goes on…

Today was a perfect day for the trusty pair to have an airing, damp, grey and cold, but outside jobs to tackle.  A little faded now, by the sun, my shocking pink boots are the palest shade of  blossom.  My Barbour, still holds on to it’s familiar country aroma.

All dressed up, thick socks and rubber gloves on too, I headed out to plant, feed and collect.

Our over winter vegetable patch, is getting stronger and I added, pakchoi, lettuce, acelgas and beetroots today.

Vegetable planting at La Rosilla

The hens were happy scratching in the damp earth, searching for the elusive Spanish worm, their eggs are now abundant and much larger.

Happy Hen at La Rosilla

The daily eggs at La Rosilla

Tikka the pony, is rugged up and cosy, and neighingly chats with me as I work.

Tikka the pony at La Rosilla


Back in now for a warm, and to tuck into a comforting bowl of hearty lentils.

My coat hung up and my boots stood ready, they’ll wait patiently until the next time.  Looking to the weekend weather forecast, the temperatures are going to climb.  Yes, they’re not needed often thank-goodness but when they are, I always have a  little chuckle to myself 😉


Ready, steady, sow !


Being able to grow our own fruit and vegetables at La Rosilla, was always top on our agenda when we moved here.  We have had huge learning curves, successes and disasters on the produce front, mostly weather related and  getting used to the seasons and rugger mountain soil.

Last year unfortunately I was unable to manage my large plot, due to a back injury, so I had to watch it go to seed and weed – I did plant a mini plot just by the backdoor, for lettuces, herbs,radishes and peas, so we have still been able to enjoy fresh picked goodies.

This year I’m happy to say, with the help of my young Spanish vecino (neighbour) a day’s hard graft and load of the finest mule and goat manure, our patch was back to it’s former glory and was ready for planting.

La Rosilla Vegetable plot


Nellie and myself have planted and sown, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, courgettes, beetroot, french beans and mange tout, watermelon, peppers red and green, aubergines and carrots.  The herb section has fortunately stood the test of time and neglect, so our lemon balm, oregano, thyme & sage are romping away nicely.

Herbs & flowers at La Rosilla

Nellie has her own area, that she will tend and nurture & pick.

We also have some new members of the family, 4 more happy hens, clucking and scratching and enjoying a life of free wanderings.

Happy Days.