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Humble abode & horses.


I can’t believe it’s over a month since I’ve written, well I can actually, time has flown and life has been hectic, good but hectic.

Food creations have been a little on the back burner and lifestyle more upfront.  I’m not saying we haven’t indulged, we have but on a more makeshift and mend, rustic style.  Cooking on open fires, eating alfresco, picking salad leaves from the patch, shopping day by day.  Why ? because we had our first guests renting La Rosilla for the season, and we pack up and move to our much humbler shack on the mountain.  It is very picturesque but has no electricity (hence no posting) and only cold water, and washing up outside, think camping but with a roof over our heads !  Fortunately the weather was kind to us, which made life a great deal easier.

Whilst living out of our suitcases, our kitten that we are hand rearing, has grown from strength to strength now nearly 6 weeks old, he is weaned and starting to explore , keeping the dogs entertained and us of course.  I’m now thankful that the sleepless nights of 2 hourly feeds are over, and proud that we have succeeded in the task .  He has traveled with us over the last 6 weeks, wherever we’ve been, the beach, parties, camping and to work.

Rizzo and Nutty

Rizzo and Nutty

Our mountain animal menagerie is growing again.  We have another pony on the way, that we have rescued.  Inca will be joining Tika on the mount, for TLC and a better life.  I too have got back in the saddle after 25 years, my nerve or bravery seems to have diminished though .  I’m hoping my confidence builds as I get used to it again. I’m looking forward to hacks and rides with my little daughter and exploring new paths ,tracks and vistas, with a picnic or two.

This week-end we took part in our first Romeria, (Spanish Horse Fair), along with our friend and teacher Sharon.  We were the only female riders amongst many Spanish men and their stallions !! A great day riding and partying, flamenco and traditions with local musto, embutidos , paella and snails !!!! for all those who rode.


Nellie & Me :)

Nellie & Me 🙂


So once more settled back in at La Rosilla, I can re-focus and get creating again .  Recipe books out and being browsed, to get back on my #cookfromthebooks wagon challenge with menus being planned for guests and visitors.  The veggie patch is growing well, and courgette flowers almost ready for picking and stuffing, vine leaves fresh and green too will be hopefully ready to be harvested at the weekend to be turned into delicious dolmades.  The first figs our Brevas, and plumping and turning colour nicely – Oh the joy of mouthwatering home-grown ingredients.

So from us all at La Rosilla humans and animals, Spencer, Rizo, Fanny (dogs), Baba, Rocket, Nutty (cats) Tika & Inca (horses) and Hens aka lovely ladies.


Ready, steady, sow !


Being able to grow our own fruit and vegetables at La Rosilla, was always top on our agenda when we moved here.  We have had huge learning curves, successes and disasters on the produce front, mostly weather related and  getting used to the seasons and rugger mountain soil.

Last year unfortunately I was unable to manage my large plot, due to a back injury, so I had to watch it go to seed and weed – I did plant a mini plot just by the backdoor, for lettuces, herbs,radishes and peas, so we have still been able to enjoy fresh picked goodies.

This year I’m happy to say, with the help of my young Spanish vecino (neighbour) a day’s hard graft and load of the finest mule and goat manure, our patch was back to it’s former glory and was ready for planting.

La Rosilla Vegetable plot


Nellie and myself have planted and sown, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, courgettes, beetroot, french beans and mange tout, watermelon, peppers red and green, aubergines and carrots.  The herb section has fortunately stood the test of time and neglect, so our lemon balm, oregano, thyme & sage are romping away nicely.

Herbs & flowers at La Rosilla

Nellie has her own area, that she will tend and nurture & pick.

We also have some new members of the family, 4 more happy hens, clucking and scratching and enjoying a life of free wanderings.

Happy Days.