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Barbour & Hunters.


When we moved to Spain some 9 years ago, whoosh where did that time go ? As I was packing up, lock, stock and barrel and the removal truck had a squidge of space left, I squeezed in my Barbour and Hunter wellies.ย  I was called crazy, mad, all the names under the sun, ‘ Do you know where we’re moving to ? ‘but I worked hard to get them and my Hunters were PINK, enough said !

Barbour and Hunters

Our first summer at La Rosilla, I paraded in my wellies regularly, often in just cozzie and pink boots, I was a sight to be seen.ย  They were the best protection for my ankles and legs, as we tackled our overgrown mountain, and snakes were a common occurrence.

Our first winter it snowed !!!! First time in 80 years, and we happened to be there, history in the making.ย  Out came my wellies and on went my waxed coat…who’s laughing now ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so my righteousness goes on…

Today was a perfect day for the trusty pair to have an airing, damp, grey and cold, but outside jobs to tackle.ย  A little faded now, by the sun, my shocking pink boots are the palest shade ofย  blossom.ย  My Barbour, still holds on to it’s familiar country aroma.

All dressed up, thick socks and rubber gloves on too, I headed out to plant, feed and collect.

Our over winter vegetable patch, is getting stronger and I added, pakchoi, lettuce, acelgas and beetroots today.

Vegetable planting at La Rosilla

The hens were happy scratching in the damp earth, searching for the elusive Spanish worm, their eggs are now abundant and much larger.

Happy Hen at La Rosilla

The daily eggs at La Rosilla

Tikka the pony, is rugged up and cosy, and neighingly chats with me as I work.

Tikka the pony at La Rosilla


Back in now for a warm, and to tuck into a comforting bowl of hearty lentils.

My coat hung up and my boots stood ready, they’ll wait patiently until the next time.ย  Looking to the weekend weather forecast, the temperatures are going to climb.ย  Yes, they’re not needed often thank-goodness but when they are, I always have aย  little chuckle to myself ๐Ÿ˜‰


The girls are back in town ;)


When we arrived on our mountain 7 years ago, one of the first things on our plan was to have chickens, roaming free, chirping and pecking and supplying us with lovely fresh eggs.

So on my Dad’s first visit over, just some 2 weeks after we moved in..we put him to work, he’s very handy, if he has the right tools ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..So scouring the neighborhood, for scrap wood, broken pallets etc, and few days toiling under the hot sun, being regularly refreshed with a cold beer. Our grandiose chicken house was born.

Now the hens arrived, after a few days settling in their house, we let them out..they were in heaven…and so were the local ‘campo’ dogs…:(

So then a large Chicken run had to be made, now we have plenty of land, so that was no problem, but we needed a regular water supply, and fencing and shade. Job done.

So over the next few years , we were blessed with eggs. We even incubated eggs form the U.K that traveled over land 1500 miles with good old Dad ( Now named chicken Grandad), in his car, with Incubator, ready to be watched eagerly, hourly, daily by my 3 children until they started pipping, and our baby chicks were born. With my son, even keeping night vigil watch, eager for the first sign of a tiny beak.

We had a few losses, and gained a few wins, with Ducks being rescued and taking up residence too at La Rosilla, we kept the local community Egg Bound, as my son, traveled with Go-kart and hand made trailer (made again with scrap wood) , selling the daily lay.

Then one very sad, and chilly morning..MR FOX made a visit and ate the heads off everyone. A sad and devastating sight.

So for a few years, we’ve been chicken free…But I’m glad to say

ย ‘The girls are back in town’…..



Out for lunch at a friends house last week, and after a few Vinos ๐Ÿ˜‰ the children had been to visit, ‘Juan the man’ , a local very Andaluz Spanish man who re- homes all manor of animals, in quite poor conditions, but looks after them to the best of his ability . โ€œMum ,Mumโ€ they shouted โ€œJuan the man has chickens for us.โ€..So off I go, to collect my birds, huddled into bags, we quickly sped home, and introduced the girls into their new home in the dark…

5.15 am the next morning we were rudely awoken by not 1 but 2 cockerels …that’ll teach me to make spontaneous ‘merry ;)’ choices.

They are not laying yet, they must just be enjoying a holiday, with lush vegetation, shade, fresh water and organic food..

ย But come on girls lay a little egg for me …