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#cookfromthebooks Week 8 – In a pantry pickle.


I was mentally pushed to the max last week.  I don’t do mess, chaos yes, but not mess ! I working hard towards having a new kitchen, it’s been in the planning stages for years.  I do love my Spanish traditional, quirky, shabby chic kitchen, but now I have outgrown it’s capabilities.  So over the last year as I have cooked, I have squirreled away some centimos towards my dream kitchen.

Stage 1 in the process, started last week, turning an old outside store cupboard, you know one of those cupboards that stores EVERYTHING, into a new bright pantry.  How I’ve always wanted a pantry, since the days I would sit tucked away in my grannies, spending hours, sorting tins, and weighing things on her brass scales. But before bright comes dust, and before order comes mess.

Sweeping, mopping, and tidying relentlessly, and relentlessly being told there is no point in doing that, drove me crazy.  To add to my chaos, I thought it was a while since I’d cooked for friends, so invited a gaggle for supper, as you do ! Fortunately when I’m creating in the kitchen, albeit while pandemonium is all around me I can focus on the food- So when the going gets tough I get cooking.

I decided on a 50’s Italian theme for my dinner, and went about the preparation for a whole host of wonderful dishes, all made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Peas and Broad beans freshly picked, Mangos juicy and ripe & figs dried from summer, Brocolli and the truly beautiful Romanesco cauliflower . I called on the help of my food hero ‘Jamie’ for this weeks #cookfromthebooks and heading back to one of his oldies ‘Jamie’s Italy’ , a book full of flavour and drama, and photography that transports your mind, to the aromas and tastes of all the dishes.  Our main course was from ‘Jamie at Home’ a book that celebrates home-grown and seasonal produce, tips for growing and unusual dishes you may not think of, especially good for when you have a ‘glut’ at anytime.

We started the evening, with roasted violet potatoes with caraway and roasted garlic and herb mayo for dipping, whilst sipping drinks around the fir-pit.

Jamie’s Pea & Broad Bean Bruchetta was a delight, fresh and light with a hint of mint and grating of Parmesan all pulled together with rich Olive oil, served on a warm rustic bread.

Followed by Fennel & chili risotto this is comfort food to sigh for ;), also a great way to introduce people to fennel if they have never tried, by sauteing  the fennel slowly first, allows the sweetness to come through and adds a richness and depth to the risotto.

Fennel risotto

Next I made a refreshing dish of Mango & Basil sorbet, and served it on glass canape spoons.

Here is my simple recipe :

2 ripe mangos, peeled and chopped, then blended.

1 cup of caster sugar and 1 cup of water, heated gently to dissolve.

add a handful of fresh basil leaves to the sugar water ,a nd take off heat and let diffuse for 15 mins.

Discard the basil, and add cooled sugar water to pureed mango.

Add 1 tbsp of dark rum and mix.

Put in a freezer container and leave to freeze for a few hours, then stir, then freeze again until ready to serve.

Serve with some fresh basil and a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts.Mango & Basil Sorbet recipe form La Rosilla

Our main course was a hand rolled Cannelloni stuffed with cauliflower and broccoli, the vegetables flavours are intensified as they are cooked with chilli and anchovies, before being pureed for the cannelloni stuffing, then topped with mozzarella and Parmesan for that comforting topping, simple served with some dressed rockets leaves.

50's Italian night at La Rosilla

Pud was to die for, Bustrengo a Bolognese polenta and apple cake, with sultanas and dried figs.  An Italian take on an old bread pudding recipe, heavy and moist with such depth of flavour, eaten warm with a scoop of creme fraiche and enjoyed with a sweet PX sherry, sorry not Vin Santo, but I had ot go back to my sherry roots 😉 – The cake stays moist and develops  character too, so was delicious the next day with a hot strong cup of espresso ( medicinal purposes, the morning after and all that 😉 )

Sipping my coffee and nursing my head, the dusty pantry was there in all it’s glory, now to turn it into my little den of shelves, drawers and twinkling lights…


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#cookfromthebooks cooking challenge 2014


#cookfromthebooks Week 7 – Marvelous market produce.


Having spent a wonderful night in Malaga, it was a perfect opportunity for me the next day, to spend some time browsing and sampling produce at the amazing Atarazanas food market .  Normally when I visit the market it is a first port of call, and I can’t carry much, I always think next time take my wheelie, shopping carrier, but do I remember NO ! This time I had my OH in tow and spare hands to carry the shopping bags.

The array of produce, was alive with spring colour and aromas, freshly caught fish, just picked vegetables from local allotments, and bread baked that morning, meats and cheeses from the mountains, a true spectacle of deliciousness.

Choosing which stall to purchase from is my hardest decision, all the stall holders are so friendly, welcoming and offer advice and their superb product knowledge, but one this time especially caught my eye.  The stall was full of unusual vegetables, violet potatoes, mushrooms of all types, micro salad leaves and edible flowers, cherries dark like rubies, mangoes sweet to smell, asparagus gathered that morn, tomatoes purple like plums.  As we grazed &  learned our basket was filling up nicely.

With all these delightful goodies, my #cookfromthebooks challenge this week, was sort of preempted -Mushroom risotto it had to be.  Many years ago I was given Ainsley Harriott’s Gourmet Express, and a few of the recipes became family favourites, like his chicken liver and tarragon parfait, and crispy noodle wrapped prawns.  His mouth-watering mushroom and onion risotto became a comfort staple, economical, but indulgently satisfying.  The basis of the recipe I use all the time, adding various ingredients to suit my diners and also what’s in the larder or fridge.

So armed with my beautiful Boletus mushrooms, pancetta, red onions, I set out on the calming process of creating risotto.

La Rosilla Risotto, wild mushroom & pancetta risotto recipe.


Serves 6

olive oil & knob of butter

1 red onion finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped

200g chopped bacon or pancetta

250g of wild mushrooms ( I used Boletus)

6 handfuls of risotto rice

1 glass of dry white wine

1 litre of hot chicken or veg stock

50 g grated parmesan

chopped fresh parsley

S & P

  • Heat butter and oil in large saucepan and saute onions and garlic, until softened.
  • Add bacon and fry for 2 mins.
  • Add chopped mushrooms and saute for a few mins.
  • Add rice and stir to coat in oil and flavours.
  • Add white wine and let bubble for a min.
  • Gradually add stock and let each addition be absorbed by the rice, should take about 20 mins gently stirring regularly .
  • You want your risotto to be tender & still creamy.
  • Add the Parmesan and parsley ,season & serve.

I served our risotto, with Parmesan shavings, rocket leaves and chopped purple, tomato salsa.

Other risotto flavours that are popular at La Rosilla, are courgette and lemon, blue cheese and walnut, fresh herb and broad beans, options are endless.


EASY – With patience.

Market and cooking tours are my specialty, come try for yourself 🙂


If you would like to join in this years challenge of #cookfromthebooks I would be delighted :) Just add the hashtag #cookfromthebooks and add the logo below & link to this site.

#cookfromthebooks cooking challenge 2014

My heart in Malaga.


A valentines treat was booked for me and my OH, to celebrate 20 years from the question popping day.  A night on the town, with our own little city pad to sleepover. PERFECTO  Malaga never fails to amaze and surprise.

We decided to catch the train from the Airport as we have parking there (OH job perks), and 8 minutes later and just 1.50eu lighter we were smack, bang on the flower filled Alameda.  A beautiful sunny afternoon greeted us, as we strolled to our accommodation.  We had booked to stay in the old town just off the main Calle Larios, in some fabulous apartments ‘Unisierra’.  Superb location, modern, exceptionally clean, and with every amenity. I enjoyed playing ‘City living’ for the night and made another addition to my dream list * Malaga apartment in the old town*

We had an afternoon amble, tipple and bite to eat, window shopping and menu browsing, stumbling over new places and areas that I’m glad I found.

Back to the apartment for a quick pre-evening spruce, and a sip of chilled Cartojal, before we headed out to paint the town red.

We met up with Victor from We love Malaga, for an evening of tapas, and insider secrets.  Victor who is so passionate of his wonderful city, it’s culture and  gourmet vibe, was a delight to spend time with and we shared our ‘Foodie’ love together. No matter how well you know, or think you know a city, it’s always fascinating to see it through someone else’s eyes.

La Rosilla & We Love Malaga Tweetup ;)

La Rosilla & We Love Malaga Tweetup 😉

Malaga was alive, the Carnaval lights were on, and the atmosphere in the streets was electric.  Bar after bar, filled to bursting, people of all ages, families, romantic soirees, groups of friends.  Chatting, sipping and sharing food.

Uve Doble was one of our stops of the night, a modern and vibrant tapas bar, here we savoured delights such as, black fried noodles with little squid, pumpkin vichyssoise with scallop and seaweed , mini beef and foie burger, home-made bread and chilled white were the perfect compliment.  Seeing people queuing for tables, and feeling comfortably fed and refreshed, we headed back into the night.

Los Patios de Beatas – Vinoteca.  This spectacular winery, is located in the heart of Malaga old town, the architecturally  protected buildings have been lovingly restored and offer a magnificent background to display the many wines from Spain and worldwide.  An innovative menu has been created to be enjoyed whilst sampling the wines on offer, using local market, seasonal ingredients to produce plates of outstanding taste and quality, from tapas to elaborate dishes to share.

Los Patios de Beatas Vinoteca

On a popular Valentines eve, the Vinoteca was heaving and bustling, but we were professionally greeted by the Manager, and invited to have a glass of wine on the house, whilst browsing the wine selection and absorbing the feel of this unique and historical venuEl Recio Matsu Winee.  Sommeliers are on hand to advise and find a wine to suit any palate.  The tapas sampling area has a backdrop of 100’s of wines and a dramatic wooden paneled ceiling, the dining area has a stunning stained glass ceiling – A very beautiful location.  We relished in tasty delights such as Foie and hazlenut crocanti with a peach coule and Cod and violet potatoes in a coconut and coriander cream sauce.  With our tapas we treated ourselves to a fine wine by the Matsu vineyard.  The faces of grandfather, son and grandson are used on the labels of the wines , with the wine that  reflects each of the men’s personalities in Matsu’s El Pícaro (the rogue), El Recio (the tough) and El Viejo (the old) trilogy of wines.  We chose El Recio, a heady wine with tastes of chocolate, dark fruits and vanilla – Divine 🙂

Wandering back through the maze of streets, full of life late into the night, we headed to our love nest 😉 for a nightcap, and thoughts back over the new tastes and places we had experienced.

Thanks to Victor Garrido from WE LOVE MALAGA, for showing us the sights, and yes WE LOVE MALAGA too 😉


#cookfromthebooks week 6 (Weather week & TV gone)


What a week, crazy weather all mixed up, days of warm sunshine, lashing rain and then winds to make Kansas look positively calm.  Battening down the hatches and waiting for weather to arrive, can seem quite exciting.  Mountain living is a guarantee that we receive extremes of all weathers and seasons, and within the ‘Expat online’ community always a great talking point, well we are British after all 😉

Number 1 daughter returned home from a very wet Herefordshire for her half term break, hoping for her cockles to be warmed and her pale skin to be rosied but we can’t always provide !! So it’s home fires burning, hot bots in  bed and 2 pairs of socks to keep her tootsies warm.  Candles are always at the ready at La Rosilla , baskets filled with tee-lights to be lit  in every room, normally to create a cosy ambiance but at this time of year for necessity too. With wind and rain comes the power-cuts, all part of the adventure of our lifestyle.

Food for family and friends we can provide, nothing beats gathering around the dining table when there has been a week of conversation topic making. So I set the table, invited friends for supper, scoured my cook books for my week 6 #cookfromthebooks  challenge, for family friendly recipes, ( our guests not quite so adventurous as us in food tastes 😉 A homely Chicken, Bacon and pea pie would see fit, chosen from Rachel Allens ‘favourite food at  home’ Rachel Allen Favourite food at home

I find this cook book, uplifting, clear and easy to follow.  Good hearty recipes, beautifully captured in photos.  Family favourites, dishes for occasions and basic must know tips for all cooks.

The Chicken pie with bacon and peas wasn’t a fast throw it all together affair, but worth the time and effort.  Like normal I adapted it to suit our tastes and and what I had in the fridge.  The pie in the recipe can be topped with mash or puff pastry, I used a filo topping, to add a slightly more sophisticated pie, to serve for supper guests.  I also used pancetta, instead of ham, which added an extra richness.   I served this with roasted butternut squash cubes, in caraway , not all guests were willing to try ‘Can’t do orange veg’ they said !!! and for  green, french beans sauteed in butter & garlic.

No photos this week of my ‘Pie’, with power on & off, candles lit and my wine glass full, this rare I know, slipped my mind 😉

Pud was a comforting cherry crumble or La Rosilla chocolate Brownies, La Rosilla Browniesthe children all bagsied the Brownies so I sneakily hid a butternut squash cube in them, but the devils caught me out 😉 – The crumble topping was unusually made I thought.  I always rub my flour and butter together to make bread crumbs then add sugar , oats and cinnamon – but in Rachel Allen’s recipe for Rhubarb, plum & cardamon crumble, she prepares her dry ingredients then pours on melted butter and quickly mixes – It did provide a dense crumble topping but I found quite clumpy – I think in future I’ll stick to my usual, on saying that with the bowl placed dangerously near to my place, I did manage to secretly have a few portions 😉


To finish the week an event we knew was looming on the horizon, but hoping it wouldn’t and not knowing when it would, came to fruition.  For many Ex-pats living in Spain, we have a guilty pleasure, or for some of us a necessity to watch UK TV to keep us up to date of our home-land, receive world wide news in our own language, or for me the obligatory watching of the many ‘Foodie’ programmes .  Never have I watched a ‘Soap’ in 9 years but Saturday Kitchen, Masterchef & my ‘Jamie’ these are my moments of weakness and now they are GONE !! The UK have changed their satellite position, and now we can no longer tune in to our favourite channels 😦 .  There are ways and means, and options being advised, sold, hawked as days go by, but as in sit, switch on and watch NO ! I know we’ll get used to it, and maybe find that life we actually came to live on a mountain for.  I have a pile of books to get through, jigsaws to make, and DVD’s to watch, so once I’ve finished sulking and got my head around it, all will be fine….Hurry up summer, when late night terrace sitting, and the only thing we watch is the night sky for shooting stars.

Until then a plateful of home-made ‘Melting Moments’ from my treasured, well thumbed, Nan’s ‘Bero’ recipe book, will do the trick.


140 g S.R Flour

80g caster sugar

120g Margarine / butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

Oats, dessicated coconut & cranberries to decorate.

  • Cream togwther butter & sugar, add vanilla.
  • Stir in flour and mix well.
  • With your hands bring dough together.
  • With wet hands divide mixture into 36 balls and roll and coat with coconut or oats.
  • Place on a greased baking sheet slightly apart and flatten a little add a dried cranberry to some.
  • Bake at 160c for 12-15 mins until golden.




If you would like to join in this years challenge of #cookfromthebooks I would be delighted :) Just add the hashtag #cookfromthebooks and add the logo below & link to this site.

#cookfromthebooks cooking challenge 2014

Barbour & Hunters.


When we moved to Spain some 9 years ago, whoosh where did that time go ? As I was packing up, lock, stock and barrel and the removal truck had a squidge of space left, I squeezed in my Barbour and Hunter wellies.  I was called crazy, mad, all the names under the sun, ‘ Do you know where we’re moving to ? ‘but I worked hard to get them and my Hunters were PINK, enough said !

Barbour and Hunters

Our first summer at La Rosilla, I paraded in my wellies regularly, often in just cozzie and pink boots, I was a sight to be seen.  They were the best protection for my ankles and legs, as we tackled our overgrown mountain, and snakes were a common occurrence.

Our first winter it snowed !!!! First time in 80 years, and we happened to be there, history in the making.  Out came my wellies and on went my waxed coat…who’s laughing now ? 😉

And so my righteousness goes on…

Today was a perfect day for the trusty pair to have an airing, damp, grey and cold, but outside jobs to tackle.  A little faded now, by the sun, my shocking pink boots are the palest shade of  blossom.  My Barbour, still holds on to it’s familiar country aroma.

All dressed up, thick socks and rubber gloves on too, I headed out to plant, feed and collect.

Our over winter vegetable patch, is getting stronger and I added, pakchoi, lettuce, acelgas and beetroots today.

Vegetable planting at La Rosilla

The hens were happy scratching in the damp earth, searching for the elusive Spanish worm, their eggs are now abundant and much larger.

Happy Hen at La Rosilla

The daily eggs at La Rosilla

Tikka the pony, is rugged up and cosy, and neighingly chats with me as I work.

Tikka the pony at La Rosilla


Back in now for a warm, and to tuck into a comforting bowl of hearty lentils.

My coat hung up and my boots stood ready, they’ll wait patiently until the next time.  Looking to the weekend weather forecast, the temperatures are going to climb.  Yes, they’re not needed often thank-goodness but when they are, I always have a  little chuckle to myself 😉


What’s your tipple ?


Being jumped on at the crack of dawn, that late if we’re lucky, by the children on Christmas Morn, the passing of the yard arm seems an age away.  A little snifter, early doors helps get the day off to fine fettle.

In passed years, we would quaff a Mimosa or Bellini, but after a stint at The Good Food Show last year, the morning tipple to get you over the day and night before was a healthy, vitamin providing, head clearing and oomph giving Bloody Mary, and know I’m hooked.  Not everyday day hooked I hasten to add ! but on special occasions, don’t mind if I do 🙂

Bloody Mary

Salud, good health and bottoms up !

Here’s how to create it !

In a large jug fill it 1/3 full of Vodka

add 2/3 of Tomato Juice

Add a good dash of Tabasco & Worcestershire Sauce

Season with pepper & celery salt

Stir well.

Pour into large glasses over ice, add a stick of celery and a slice of lemon.

After a full festive morning of activities, and whilst I happily potter in my kitchen, ‘I know my place 😉 preparing the days feast I’ll then add to my 5 a day intake with a Pom Punch or Pom Royale, both with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

  • For the Pom Punch – Squeeze the juice of 1 orange & one pomegranate, reserving a few seeds for decoration pour into a glass of crushed ice and top up with vodka and add a sprig of mint.
Pom Punch

Pom Punch

  • For the Pom Royale, In a champagne flute add your freshly squeezed Pom juice and top up with Cava or Champers.

Well that’s got me through to lunch time, what to sip next ?


Is it that time already ?


My blogging has been on a back burner, not that I haven’t had many wonderful things to share and thinking about, but my laptop has died !  The only computer we have now in the house, is the OH’s at the back of the lounge, in a cupboard come office and I just don’t feel at home there.

I have spent many weeks giving my website a facelift, on a makeshift laptop, that after every five minutes lost it’s internet connection, that along with learning  an all new,  wordpress premium theme programme to me, was enough to put me off technology and social media for a while, well apart from FB and Twitter of course !!

So here I am, out of my comfort zone, in the cupboard trying to catch up.

Sunrises in the mountains.

The Autumn had a heady warm start, crazy sunshine filled days have been a joy.  Local visitors and holidaymakers were able to soak up the weather, and the relaxed rural atmosphere of the mountains, and I was lucky enough to cook for many of them in there chosen holiday abodes.  Traditional dishes, with many home-grown and always seasonal ingredients, delivered to the door in hampers ready to for them to enjoy.

As a family we have taken on some new hobbies.  I have bought a new bike, and we have enjoyed coastal cycles all together, stopping for picnic and long beach lunches, and then burning off the calories .  My youngest has finally after years of pestering me, started horse riding and seems a natural, enjoying riding in the mountains and learning all the necessary roles of horsemanship, muck and all ! Familytime together on the coast..

Taking the fitness one step further Zumba and tone has become a weekly class I can’t wait to go to, and I even persuaded my OH to don his dancing shoes and we are learning the Argentine Tango together. We may live rurally on a side of a mountain, but there’s still plenty going on and our life is one new experience to the next .

The vegetable patch has been fruitful, and I’m still overwhelmed with Aubergines,  we are waiting for the next good rains, to rejuvenate the garden and start planting up for the winter months.  The grapefruits, lemons and clementines are growing  riper on the trees and olives almost ready for picking.  Harvest from the La Rosilla patch.

We’ve been working hard on the mountain at La Rosilla, lots of pruning to trees and shrubs, that had grown too big for their boots and were obstructing our to die for view.  New cane roofing on our pergolas and cutting back of climbers, so it’s not so much of a wilderness.

La Rosilla

We treated ourselves to a ‘Firepit’ which has been a delight, since the clocks went back our weekend evenings have been extended outside, around the comfort and warmth of the fire, chestnuts have been roasted and songs, sung until the early hours.

Firepit at La Rosilla


Our family was reunited over half term , with our eldest daughter flying home from college in the UK, and Halloween and bonfire festivities were enjoyed on many a night.  Facepaints, back combed hair and masks seemed the norm for the last week or so.  Hearty and cockle warming foods were enjoyed with family and friends, hotpots, cheesy fondue, gluh wein, marshmallow toasting.  Pumpkins everywhere and even a mini ‘Guy’ for the pit .

Halloween at La Rosilla

The Autumnal skies this week have been spectacular, we’ve had wind and sun, and there feels a change in the air.  Winter is around the corner, so it’s time to make the most of the warm  daytime sunshine, before heading in doors for the evenings when the sun fades behind the mountain.  Time to plan for the upcoming season.

Autumn morning at La Rosilla.





Gluts glorious gluts..


It was a slow start to the vegetable harvest this year’ but eventually nature got going and we have enjoyed a mountain of wonderful fruits and veggies that we are still picking daily as and when we need them, fresh green beans, courgettes, tomatoes and herbs to pep up all kinds of dishes.

The star crop this years has been our Aubergines, which we devour guilty as ‘Berenjenas fritas’ a light battered aubergine slice, drizzled with cane honey, DELISH.  Roasted and whizzed into Baba ganoush, chopped and braised for caponata, but a new dish I’ve created is a mixture of two our our family household favourites, with a few changes here and there, to make it a little healthier on the waistband .

Mousakka and Lasangne turns into LaRosaka *spin on La Rosilla, get it !!

laroska recipe


Ingredients are flexible and quantities adjust according to suit, serves 6 happily with yummy leftovers

  • 1kg Mince beef
  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 5 carrots chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic chopped
  • Olive oil

In a large pan sauté the carrots, onions and garlic until softened not browned.

Add mince and stir well until browned.

  • 2 bay leaves
  • Sprig fresh thyme
  • Dried oregano

Add herbs and stir

  • Large tin of chopped toms
  • 1 beef stock cube in 300 ml boiling water
  • 250 gramms of chopped mushrooms
  • Glass of red wine

Add Toms, stock and wine, bring up to boil and simmer gently, add lots of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  • 3 Aubergines sliced lengthways

Place the sliced aubergines on a grill pan and spray with olive oil, grill until browned on both sides about 5 mins.

  • 500ml of semi skimmed milk
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 onion chopped in quarters

Put milk, bay leaf and onion in saucepan and simmer gently, for 5 mins then take off heat to let flavours infuse.

  • 3 tbsp of corn flour
  • Milk

Mix cornflour with milk until dissolved.

Remove bay leaf and onion from milk in pan and add cornflour mix, heat gently until sauce thickens.

Set aside.


In a large baking dish, put a layer of meat mix, then a layer of aubergines, season and add some more dried oregano, now a layer of white sauce…Repeat.  Finishing with a layer of white sauce.

  • Handful of freshly grated parmesan
  • 1 large tomato thinly sliced

Layer the sliced tomato on top of the white sauce, then sprinkle the whole dish with parmesan.

Bake in a hot oven for 30 mins, until bubbling and golden.  Serve with green salad, or fresh beans and hot crusty bread to mop up the sauce.

You could add, courgettes and peppers to your sauce too, and celery with you carrotts at the beginning..just experiment.

Drying out …


No i’m not talking about giving up the vino of course, a little less I have admit now it’s back to school time, but drying out some of summers bounty to preserve its sweetness and flavours for the coming cooler months, prolonging that taste of summer just a while longer.

My grapes were picked and put out to sunbathe for tiny raisins or currants, to be used in baking over the autumn or sprinkled in salads or cereals for breakfast.  Drying grapes in our area of Spain is very local tradition, which is celebrated with the ‘Ruta de Pasa‘ a lovely drive through the mountains’,taking in scenic whitewash villages, who lay out the grapes on the mountainside to dry beautifully in the Anadalcuian sunshine.  These will then by turned into unctious sweet Malaga wine and sweet delicacies.

Drying grapes at La Rosilla

Drying grapes

Delighted this year I had a bumper crop of figs, fresh chutney was made, that will be enjoyed with strong cheeses and roasted meats, but I tried something new, I sundried my figs too .. for recipes such as ‘pan de higo’ a delcious figgy roll that is enjoyed as a tapa, or after dinner with a rich PX sherry and a slither of cured goats cheese.

Heres how to do it…

Picked, wash and halve the figs.

lay out seperately on trays lined with kichen paper.

preparing figs for drying

preparing figs for drying

Cover with fly nets and lay out in the sun to sry for a few days.  Bring in at night if where you are the morning are damp.

When the figs are dry and chewy, store in an airtight container and enjoy.

Dried figs at La Rosilla

Dried figs at La Rosilla

I also dry my tomatoes in the sun, you can read about that here.