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What’s your tipple ?


Being jumped on at the crack of dawn, that late if we’re lucky, by the children on Christmas Morn, the passing of the yard arm seems an age away.  A little snifter, early doors helps get the day off to fine fettle.

In passed years, we would quaff a Mimosa or Bellini, but after a stint at The Good Food Show last year, the morning tipple to get you over the day and night before was a healthy, vitamin providing, head clearing and oomph giving Bloody Mary, and know I’m hooked.  Not everyday day hooked I hasten to add ! but on special occasions, don’t mind if I do 🙂

Bloody Mary

Salud, good health and bottoms up !

Here’s how to create it !

In a large jug fill it 1/3 full of Vodka

add 2/3 of Tomato Juice

Add a good dash of Tabasco & Worcestershire Sauce

Season with pepper & celery salt

Stir well.

Pour into large glasses over ice, add a stick of celery and a slice of lemon.

After a full festive morning of activities, and whilst I happily potter in my kitchen, ‘I know my place 😉 preparing the days feast I’ll then add to my 5 a day intake with a Pom Punch or Pom Royale, both with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

  • For the Pom Punch – Squeeze the juice of 1 orange & one pomegranate, reserving a few seeds for decoration pour into a glass of crushed ice and top up with vodka and add a sprig of mint.
Pom Punch

Pom Punch

  • For the Pom Royale, In a champagne flute add your freshly squeezed Pom juice and top up with Cava or Champers.

Well that’s got me through to lunch time, what to sip next ?