Fireworks & feasting .


Well the bonfire didn’t get lit, but we were not going to let the deluge of rain dampen our spirits.  The log fire was stoked up, and the bangers were in the oven, our bonfire bash was enjoyed in the dry & warm of La Rosilla country kitchen.

Joined by friends, we feasted & drank together, roasted our chestnuts in the embers & melted our marshmallows on sticks gathered by the children on the mountain.

We braved the elements for sparklers & our solo rocket, to the delight of all.  Childhood memories of the heady scent of gunpowder in the damp air, came flooding back.

A fabulous chocolate ‘Firework’ cake , cleverly created by my friend Kate topped the evening off superbly, before the little one, crashed & burned with the kitty.

Sharing & keeping traditions alive, with family, friends & of course food, what else 😉

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