Mountaineering in the morning.


What a great way to start a week, mind you I didn’t think that this morning, when I got up and it was so chilly and the car had  no fuel.  I made a mad dash to Colmenar to rectify this, even though I was spitting feathers as it was 18km there and back in the wrong direction to where I was heading… Note to self * Forward thinking* .

But the shone was finally shining again, and the air was crisp and clear, and today my group ‘Views from the Hills‘ was meeting up for a mountain trek. First things first, we met at El Duende in Los Ventorros, an Aladdins cave of all things calm, Ruth was waiting for us, with fire roaring, hot coffee & delicious mango & apple cake, to give us the necessary strength to go on our way.  New members came along, visitors too, from the Cheq republic, coming to enjoy the dramatic scenery we have on offer.

Boots on, dogs raring to go we began our climb up Mazmullar , following ancient mule tracks, and paths carved out from running waters.  Flora & fauna, in its early stages of re-growth after the recent rains, wild herbs of fennel and lavendar, lined our way.

View points gave us respite and breath gathering time.  The summit a plateau, is home to ancient ruins and caves, used throughout history for shelter and hiding.  We climbed over rocks to pinpoint our homes on neighbouring hills, and marveled at snow on the peaks of Maroma, and the Moorish town of Comares perched high on it’s rock.

Our descent was leisurely, and we enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our faces, returning for a wholesome lunch of homemade soup & bread in beautiful Moroccan bowls, alfresco in November , oh and a little more cake for good measure.





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