Tapas treat


A warm sunny stroll along the beach front promenade, with a wonderful tapas lunch at the end of it, is my idea of heaven

Whilst I sit here in the clouds on my mountain after 48 hours of lashing down rain, it seems an age ago, but looking back on my week, spending some quality time with my Daughter who was over for half term for the U.K, remembering that sunny day & delightful lunch, makes my grey, damp day more bearable-  yes I know we need the rain in Spain, but enough already 😉

Malagueta beach was the location, and a leisurely walk from the wonderful Muelleuno port after meeting Twitter friends old & new Lisa @familyinspain Fred (@FredshivelyGraham(@Grahamhunt) on his #spanishroadtrip, found us at La Moraga- Antonio Martin. 


The light , airy and retro interior was a welcoming sight.  We sat around high natural wooden islands and were presented with our tapas menu, we chose 5 each, well one likes to sample a little of everything.

We were not disappointed, a fusion of flavours, and textures.  Some a little tricky to eat gracefully, like the Porra on crystal bread, with jamon, one bite and it dropped down me, though that’s not too unusual for me, note to self *remember a bib*.

My favourite was the Ajoblanco with pina colada, so smooth and velvety with a sweet edge.  A couple of glasses of chilled white , some great conversation and our grazing lunch was complete.

I love to dine out with my children, and always find tapas an ideal way for them & me come to think of it, to try new tastes with often unusual ingredients too, presented in a tiny delectable way.



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