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Off to Almachar


We were of to Almachar, my ‘Views from the Hills‘ group, were in for a treat.  A chance to explore a neighbouring village up in the mountains, not quite on most of our doorsteps, and definitely off the beaten track, the ‘Pueblo blanco’ of Almachar .

We all met at Meson Punto Europa a Venta/Bar now being run by one of our members Catherine, we were greeted by a huge log fire, hot coffee & home made cakes.  New ladies were welcomed before we were led on a guided tour around the wonderful village.  Steep hills, cobbled streets, and views to afar, sun shining – perfect.

Views from the hills Alamchar

Almachar is famous for its vines and grapes are collected and dried to make Sultanas / pasas, it is an ancient algricultural method which is still in practise today.  a rustic and quaint museum explains the process, and displays beautifully, a typical village house.

 views from the Hills visit to Almachar

The cold air, and brisk walk, built our appetites, so we returned to the Venta, for a delicious and wholesome lunch of Harira Soup, and a tipple or two of local wine.

Almachar - Views from the hills lunch


A great start to the week, blew away the cobwebs, and confirmed once more exploring with friends, makes memory moments.




What a week that was !


Whistle stop tours are always my itinerary style whilst visiting the U.K, so many places to go, people to see..but I love it !

My week just gone, was spent doing all that I love, working with food, networking with like-minded people, visiting friends, eating, drinking and not much sleeping .

First port of call, Warwickshire where my dear friend Caroline of Pink Jelly Marketing, hosted my first few days of stay.  We visited the breathtaking Compton Verney, for a night of inspirational talks, held by the Federation of Small Businesses – the highlight of the night for me, was the amusing and uplifting presentation given by Mask – arade, the business the Dragons Den poo poo’d that now is flying high, and their celebrity masks are gracing many a party, event, function & worldwide stage . Generously we were given masks to take home, which became a talking point of my week, and created family parties that would be talked about for many a year to come.

Sharon Osborne Mask arade

Jordan Darcey Olly Murs, Russel & Bruce

I was dined in style at The Arden Hotel in Stratford, the decor was divine,  along with my favourite tipple ‘Sancerre’ the food was amazing – my taste-buds were well and truly tickled, Scallops to start and pork belly to follow to finish a fragipane & fig tart – Delicioso.  We had the most attentive waitress, who to kept us entertained without being intrusive.

El Greco, the new Greek restaurant in Stratford -upon- Avon was enjoyed on a very chilly night, Flare the owner was gregarious and welcoming, here we enjoyed a vast meze and wonderful Mediterranean  flavours – A fabulous location for  a private party too, and the loos were spectacular 😉

The main event for me was the working part of my trip, at The BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, it was so good to be amongst so many ‘Foodies’ producers, chefs & celebrities.  My home was on the Gower Cottage Brownies stand, hectic, manic sometimes but great fun, brownies to die for.  I was alongside Tim Kinnaird (masterchef) and his beautiful Macarons & more .  The most delectable macarons of all shades & flavours artfully displayed and presented.  Aching feet and backs were soothed by foodie trades & tipples a many, thank-goodness I wasn’t driving 😉

Gower Cottage Brownies

I was given a Masterchef cook book to add to my collection, signed by all Masterchefs & celebs, which will be pride of place on my shelf. I also had chance to Tweetup with fellow Supperclubber Kerstins Kitchen .

Supperclub Kerstins Kitchen

Work over – Friends & family time, 2 Christmas dinners, sprouts a plenty, girly get together, dancing on the ceiling, no kidding , cinema for the final Twilight , hair of the dog most days – Laughs, little sleep and a very early morning flight home – Fabulous.

Now back to reality and preparing for my final Supperclub of the season tomorrow, Buche Noel baked and shopping done just (forgot today was bank holiday !)

Buche Noel - Yule log

Looking forward to getting organised for (C) still going into a panic when I say the word, oh & a lie in at the week-end to try to catch up on my beauty sleep, boy it’s needed.



Tapas treat


A warm sunny stroll along the beach front promenade, with a wonderful tapas lunch at the end of it, is my idea of heaven

Whilst I sit here in the clouds on my mountain after 48 hours of lashing down rain, it seems an age ago, but looking back on my week, spending some quality time with my Daughter who was over for half term for the U.K, remembering that sunny day & delightful lunch, makes my grey, damp day more bearable-  yes I know we need the rain in Spain, but enough already 😉

Malagueta beach was the location, and a leisurely walk from the wonderful Muelleuno port after meeting Twitter friends old & new Lisa @familyinspain Fred (@FredshivelyGraham(@Grahamhunt) on his #spanishroadtrip, found us at La Moraga- Antonio Martin. 


The light , airy and retro interior was a welcoming sight.  We sat around high natural wooden islands and were presented with our tapas menu, we chose 5 each, well one likes to sample a little of everything.

We were not disappointed, a fusion of flavours, and textures.  Some a little tricky to eat gracefully, like the Porra on crystal bread, with jamon, one bite and it dropped down me, though that’s not too unusual for me, note to self *remember a bib*.

My favourite was the Ajoblanco with pina colada, so smooth and velvety with a sweet edge.  A couple of glasses of chilled white , some great conversation and our grazing lunch was complete.

I love to dine out with my children, and always find tapas an ideal way for them & me come to think of it, to try new tastes with often unusual ingredients too, presented in a tiny delectable way.