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Teasing tasters.


Seems the weather keeps teasing us and giving us a taste of what’s to come – A day of glorious sunshine in between the dull & rain, is enough to lift the spirits , time to fling open the windows, lunch alfresco and the drudgery of the daily homework routine somehow seems all more bearable done in the afternoon sun.

Yesterday we we’re singing with the birds, everyone was cheery, flowers were picked to add a springtime bloom and the children gathered their boots & walking sticks and returned once more to their Swallows and Amazons lifestyle, trekking and exploring their mountainside with dogs & cats in tow.

My main vegetable patch is in need of resurrection, I’m trying to build the enthusiasm to to tackle it head on, what I have done, is create a little mini herb & salad patch in the border at the back of my house, just by the kitchen door & yesterday we enjoyed our first pickings of leaves & herbs & edible flowers in a fresh green salad.

salad leaves from La rosilla

We are down to one hen at the moment ūüė¶ but soon her new friends will be arriving, I think she is enjoying eating solo and not having to share, and bless her she lays an egg everyday for us, good job really, as I often start a recipe or dish and then think …’bloody hell’ have I got any eggs ? . Yesterday was no exception, scouring the fridge for inspiration & decided to rustle up a red cabbage slaw, Oh no no mayo,- no worries I’ll just whip some up – Oh no, no eggs – Off to Henny Penny I trudged , she hadn’t let me down.

Today we’re back to wet & grey, with even talk of a ‘Red’ alert on weather warnings !¬† So I’m feeling the need for comfort food and sharing.¬† Luckily this afternoon is my ‘Book Club’ and we going to chat about The Kasmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas , a tale of The Raj, Colonial India & Wales, so I’ve baked a spiced Tea Bread & Victoria Sponge, hopefully sweet tastes to match the beautiful tale.

The Kashmir Shawl


250 gr of Sultanas soaked in 300ml of cold tea, leave overnight.

 I use a Moroccan tea, flavoured with cinnamon, chicory, liquorice, orange & mint.

Mix with :

2 beaten eggs

250 gr of SR flour

200 gr of Brown sugar

2 tsp of mixed spice

Stir well together – then pour into a lined 2lb loaf tin – bake at 175 c – for 1 hour until risen and dark golden.

Spiced Tea Bread recipe from La Rosilla.

Enjoy with butter and jam and of course a lovely cup of tea.



Girl Guide Motto – Be Prepared ;)


I always thought my early years as a Brownie and later as a Girl guide, would bode me well in the future.

Be prepared and all that !!!

But every winter or start of, I think my brain fuddled from the heat of the summer, forgets my past and all it’s promises to¬† do my best.

We know its coming, the first rains that is, one things for sure in Spain, the expat in us still likes to think of the weather first and foremost, so it’s our daily morning ritual to check the forecast.¬† But complacent we are , with our high temperatures & clear skies, we think the rains are a¬† novelty, ‘Oh the land needs it’ we say, ‘No rain for 4 months, it’ll be a refreshing change’.¬† We live in denial of the coming winter¬† months, thinking they’ll never arrive, but they do, oh do they…

and guess what we’re never prepared.

Where has my view gone ?

So today as I sit typing away , jeans on for the first time in months, hearing lashing rains on my roof, and seeing pouring rains running under my doors..no we don’t have gutters or weather strips, just lovely rustic wooden doors ;), with electricity on & off, no satellite signal .¬† With winds gusting, so I feel like I’m in Oz, and branches crashing all about .¬† I sit and think ‘Is this living the dream’ …you bet it is …how dull life would be if it were all the same.

There’s just one thing it calls for on a day like this, comfort food, so with our supper bubbling on the stove, filling the house with aromas and warmth.¬† It’s homework time by candle light….

I would share the recipe, but sorry got fallen trees to move….next time x

Now where are my Hunters & Barbour……………………..