Home-made Allioli


To make your own mayonnaise is so simple and so rewarding, knowing all the ingredients that are in the mixture, and for me using many that are local or homegrown, garlic’s from my veg patch, eggs from my hens, oil from my olive harvest.

Today I made up a lovely bowl full, ready to go with my ‘retro’ whole poached salmon I am preparing for a wedding I am catering for on Saturday, hopefully it will last that long, as the children have a taste for it.

Other ways I like to enjoy it, is in potato salad, creating the local Patatas allilo, or spooned over hard boiled eggs, or dolloped on a homemade burger. Its also delicious for dipping large prawns in.

Here is my recipe it makes 600mls, easily halved.

La Rosilla Allioli

2 large free range eggs.

2 tbsp of white wine vinegar.

4 cloves of garlic crushed.

1 tsp of rock salt.

2 tsp of mustard.

600 ml of Olive oil or if you prefer a lighter taste 300ml Olive / 300ml sunflower.

In a liquidiser or in a bowl put in all ingredients except oil, blend or whisk until a frothy emulsion is made.

Then little by little add the oil, whisking/blending as you go, until all oil is used and you have a thick glossy Mayo.

You can add other ingredients or omit the garlic, try adding lemon zest, or chopped chives.

Happy Whisking 🙂

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