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Food for all.


Food for all, is always on my mind. In my life food heals, comforts, creates memory moments & brings people together.

 Being frugal, and making something out of nothing I find to be a very satisfying task. Often I look at the sparse ingredients in the cupboards and at first think, ‘Oh my what an earth am I going to make ?’ then with a little imagination, experimentation & crossing fingers I often pull a tasty meal out of the bag. There have been times during our years in Spain, that times have been very tough, and chickpeas have been conjured into many a different guise , perhaps once to often, or as my children would say ‘Not chickpeas again Mum  ? ‘but our bellies have never been empty.

 This week I took a look into a real area of concern, for those who don’t even have the ability to purchase basic food items for themselves or family, an area that in these difficult financial times is unfortunately growing.

 Along with my daughter, friends Lisa from Family Life in Spain, and Fred Shively,  we visited Bancosol – Bancos de alimentos (food bank) a non-profit, volunteer run organisation in Malaga that collate & distribute groceries to those in need in Malaga province some 55,000 people !!!! They work closely with over 100 organisations & charities in the province. Each day volunteers collect food for all nationalities & religions, people on the street, orphanages, charitable & religious residences, who without Bancosol and its sterling efforts would go hungry.

Using its expertise, charitable donations and some EU funding, Bancosol, can negotiate direct with supermarket chains, co-operatives, transportation and storage providers to ensure food is not wasted and gets where it needs to go.

Seasonal aubergines

Non perishable items that are nearing their sell by date, but are perfectly fit for human consumption, some like olive oil, rice, pulses, tomatoes, UHT milk, that can be used for months but only have a short shelf life, can be put to good use. Fresh vegetables & fruit that are very ripe, can easily be passed to those who normally could not afford such fresh goodness – Bancosol ensures this happens.

fresh vegetables ready to go

During the summer we raised much-needed funds at our Family Fun Day, of which we presented to Bancosol – using their new promotion ‘Campana 100 x 6’  which enables with every 6 euros raised or donated a 100 kg of food can be transported, conserved and distributed. It enables Bancosol to offer even the most basic resources to those who need it most, which in whole benefits all society.

receiving thanks

The day we visited. the warehouse had just received 1 of its 3 annual deliveries from the EU, my first question ‘why is the warehouse so full, when people are hungry ?’ answer, within 3 days all items would be distributed to the organisations that need it, and once again the warehouse would be nearing empty, awaiting generous donations from companies, supermarkets and individuals, in order so that they can carry on their work.

Volunteer office workers

New delivery awaiting distribution

Our visit was captured in photos by Fred Shively – Thank-you Fred 🙂

It was a very humbling visit, that allowed us to see first hand the great work that is being done.  Work that often we don’t hear about,  rewarding also seeing where our money donated was being used directly into our community.

We never know what the future holds for us, we pray or hope we don’t fall into times when we can’t feed ourselves or family but knowing that Bancosol bancos alimentos , its volunteers, the caring organisiations, churches , hostals & individuals are out there is comforting to know.


Should you wish to donate or read more about Bancosol’s work you can visit their website here.

Or follow Bancosol on Twitter here.

Bancosol will now be La Rosilla’s chosen charity.

From the rooftops.


A night out in the city ‘Malaga’ is always a treat, a city that never sleeps, a cosmopolitan air, with people ambling, wandering and soaking up the atmosphere.

Rooftop terrace AC Marriott Malaga

Joining up with friends to celebrate a friends special birthday, we headed to the bright lights, big city, glammed up and full of frivolity.

Las Chicas 😉

Malaga Sunset

 We indulged in cocktails on the rooftops, taking in the the breathtaking views of the city below, as the sunset in the mountains beyond, the city lights twinkled, the monuments were lit up to shine out their glory.

 Families enjoying their evening ‘Paseo’ dressed in their finery, all ages enjoying the delights of such a marvelous city.

After cocktails & laughter we made our way through the gardens, along to the new Puerto ‘El Muelle’ in such of our late night supper. Ships and Yachts lined the port majestically, restaurants, wine bars and luxury shopping tempted everyone.

Al restaurants were buzzing & full a welcoming sight, we decided on Mexican cuisine and were not disappointed, Rose & red flowed & conversation grew louder 😉

El Muelle Malaga

Needing to walk off our supper, we strolled back to the centre, gave our taxi a quick call, and then grabbed a last late night cocktail, in a uber trendy bar ‘Strawberry Mojito’ DELISH 🙂

Malaga museum & meanderings.



It was with honor myself & my dear friend Lisa @familyinSpain were chosen to represent Costawomen as one of the influential foreign residents groups of Anadalucia at the prestigious reception at the Inspiring Carmen Thyssen Gallery in Malaga.


Tour of Carmen Thyssen



The leaders and senior members of some of the most important foreign residents’ associations on the Costa del Sol attended

Malaga, April 19th 2012:Yesterday the Carmen Thyssen Museum held a reception for representatives of some of the international societies and associations on the Costa del Sol. Almost 40 representatives from these groups were welcomed to the art gallery by the managing director, Francisco Javier Ferrer and the artistic director, Lourdes Moreno. During the afternoon event, the guests were given information about the Museum and its Collection, including the new temporary exhibition ‘Paradises and Landscapes in the Carmen Thyssen Collection. From Brueghel to Gauguin’, which runs until 7th October.

Foreign residents reception.

The location of the museum in the historical and dramatic centre of Malaga, is the perfect backdrop for such inspiring works of art, the palace itself is a calming oasis, allowing the visitor to absorb the moment and feel of the pieces.

Making the most of the invitation allowed for a day in the city, leaving the Montes behind, I took the excellent bus service from Colmenar to Malaga city, to meet Lisa for a spot of sightseeing, exploring, lunching & sipping. Most of the time many off us are guilty of just hopping in the car, and going from A to B, but today no, on foot we went, and walked & walked some more. Our meeting point and first port of call, was the colourful and buzzing Food marketAtarazanas’ daily market where the freshest produce, vegetables, fruits, bread and the catch of the day., were all displayed to perfection, a hive of activity and a heaven for a ‘foodie’ like me, tasters were offered to us of locally cured olives, and almonds freshly roasted. Tapas and Copas were being enjoyed as shoppers rested their feet & bags.

We wondered through the old city, me leading the way, with Lisa my ever trusty photographer following to the rear snapping as she went. (view photos here) Shops full of with flamenco flair, haberdasheries bursting to their seems, cafe culture being enjoyed to the max in the warm spring sunshine.

Of course we were building up a hunger and a thirst that needed quenching, and we do like to centre our day with sampling the local cuisine, well it would be rude not to 😉 , we headed to Plaza Merced, birth place of Picasso, and decided on Citrus as our watering hole. The menu del dia, was modern and fresh and served with style, We both chose a Mozzarella and Sun- dried tomato salad with olives and Mustard dressing, my main was poached chicken with an apple puree and cous-cous, light and moist Lisa had seared Tuna on a butternut squash risotto,

Lunch at Citrus

dessert was unusual, ‘Migas de bizococho’ translates as cake crumbs, with yoghurt and raspberry salsa. 8.50 euros per person food value doesn’t get better than this.

We decided to walk off our lunch before taking coffee & cake 😉 Malaga film festival was being prepared and the red carpet was laid in the dramatic and elegant street of Calle Larios, street performers added to the ambiance.


We strolled then to the reception at the gallery, to be welcomed by an informative talk , and guided around the museum and its new exhibition ‘Landscapes & Paradises’ by the most informative and interesting guide, after we were invited to drinks and Tapas.

I am not a city girl, but I do love a day out on the town, and Malaga never disappoints me a cosmopolitan air, with traditional roots and feel of days gone by.

With aching feet Lisa & I bid each other farewell, I returned to my mountain & La Rosilla looking forward to re-discover Malaga another day.

From Campo to Costa


Now don’t get me wrong I love the location of my ‘Finca’ La Rosilla nestled in the Montes de Malaga, with views to die for, but sometimes I feel the need to escape, throw a 6, and head to the bright lights, big city and the Costa. So to my delight my friend @stellaorbelies came to my rescue & said ‘ let’s hit the road

So with sun streaming we drove Topless ( well with roof down 😉 ) into the city of Malaga to start our day, of chin wagging, lunching, and meeting some inspiring ladies.

The perfect day to stroll through the old city of Malaga, with street cafes full of friends and colleagues absorbing the sunshine and atmosphere. We shared Montaditos ( Little breads topped with amazing ingredients) Smoked Cod & Caramelised Onions, Goats cheese & Serrano and a Salad of fresh cheese, sundried tomatoes & basil dressing, washed down with a crisp white Rioja. Watching the world go by, and putting the worlds to rights, lunched and Cafe Solo’d up, Next Stop …

We met with Sharon Aldred who has set-up The Fashion Workshop, an inspiring place for people to learn, design & create all aspects of dressmaking, but focusing on recycling garments no longer worn or loved into design pieces of the future. So ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ can be a phrase of the past.

Still ‘Topless’ note to self, must remember a hat, or hairbrush or rock hard hairspray next time.

Onto Jigsaw Design and to meet Lynne Armitage, who produces all business & personal printing solutions from business cards to invitations, but who in her spare time dedicates her life to the Girl Guiding Association, allowing youngsters in Spain the opportunity to be part of a historical movement, that is embracing times of change and the future.

Sun going down, roof up, hair remodeled, face repainted our last port of call, The Costawomen meeting, a fabulous network and social group created by Ali Meehan, (@costawomen) .  This for ladies all over Spain & beyond or dreaming of Spain to be part of a community. Costawomen offers guest speakers, events and motivational groups, book clubs and much more and is growing rapidly, Thanks to the hard work of Ali. It also provides a support group for many of us, who have left our home countries and friends & families.

So my 12 hour escape was over, my tongue wagged to tiredness,  my wine glass empty, time to return to the mountains and reflect- What a diverse land we live in, life is exciting and out there, just got to go out & find it.

 Thanks Stella, where we going topless together next time 😉 ?