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Beach time !


A day at the beach is always a delight, which beach we choose depends on how the family is feeling, in need of chilling, adventure or people watching, or perhaps rocky without sand, that’ll be for my OH – he doesn’t do sand !! There are plenty of fabulous beaches to choose from, and plenty to suit all our needs.

Sweeping golden sand, rocky coves, hidden gems, or glamorous beach clubs with waiter service, that’ ll do nicely.  Just 30 minutes from La Rosilla, and a world away from the mountains.

This years beach season seemed to take for ever to arrive, and our first planned beach day the weather looked questionable, but I was determined, I’d worked hard, needed a change of scenery and a spit roast chicken had my name on it.  So we packed up, things for every eventuality and headed to the Costa.  Our favourite hidden cove, on the Nerja coastline was our destination, and yes the weather was, well, parky, but then that came with it’s positives no-one else had braved the day and we had the beach to ourselves.

Waves, wind, bat & ball, picnic, treasure hunts and rosie glow.

Hidden Cove La Rosilla Beaches

Torre-del-Mar is a charming, traditionally Spanish seaside town, with a long shingle beach. At the very end of the town,  over the last few years, have popped up some fabulous beach clubs, the ideal way to while a way a day, relaxing, chilling, sipping and dining, all the style without the Costa price tag.

Bahia del Tanit

Our last trip to the Beach club, a rare day in the week that me and my husband were off together, and yes I can get him to the ‘Beach Club’ , again was weather challenging, it was blowing a hoolie, and natural skin exfoliation occurred, after a few hours and many moves of the sunbed to face out of the wind, we gave up and headed…to the bar 😉

La Rosilla Beaches Windy Tanit

The weather from now on in should settle, and from tomorrow school is out for Summer 🙂 Beach time here we come.




A day out with the girls.


My normal Monday routine, of getting back on track, re-grouping and focusing, was pleasantly disturbed by a day out with the ‘Girls’ to a fabulous Spa on the Costa, Hydros Boutique Hotel & Spa, Benalmadena.

Spa day with the ‘Girls’

Hydros Spa Hotel

We all boarded a mini bus, from our rural campo abodes, and headed to the Costa for a day of relax & pampering.

The Hotel was calm & tranquil with the most beautiful décor and art, we enjoyed coffees and pastries, before being taken to our Aqua experience, jacuzzi s, hydro baths, tropical showers , steam & Turkish baths of all styles, some of the girls had treatments, I soaked up the atmosphere, read in the sunshine and enjoyed some time out.

Hydros Boutique Reception

Hydros Spa

After a few hours of washing away our sins 😉 we headed to the bustling Puerto of Benalmadena for wine & lunch, of pastas & salads & people watching.

Puerto Benalmadena

Sing your Sox off ;) !


Sing your sox off 😉 !

I have always loved singing, can I sing ? who am I to judge , but love it, I do. It started in school assembly, when I longed for the next hymn or song to be sung to stop the Headmasters waffling s ;). I was chosen to sing solo in a school production of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, with role as the Shopkeeper than on Orange Umpa Lumpa, not sure if it was due to my dulcet tone or my ability to be heard !!!

Singing in Church on a Sunday, carol singing locally and hymns getting more modern and meaningful to me confirmed my enjoyment.

Moving to Spain, I haven’t had the opportunity to sing, well only in the shower 😉  So I was delighted to hear a dear friend of mine, Cheryl had taken the initiative with a Music academy on the coast The International Nelson Music Academy, to form ‘Funky Vocals’ a funky singing group open to anyone & everyone.

On Saturday, together with number 1 daughter, we joined the group for our taster session, we were made most welcome. Feeling a little daunted whether we would cut the mustard or not, this was soon put to rest, when we started the session with fun vocal exercises to warm the vocal chords and break the ice. Soon we were ‘Singing our sox off’ ..with cool tunes like ‘ Aint no mountain high enough’ ‘ Mama Mia ‘ and ‘Any dream will do’ 2 hours flew by, smiles all around , we were left feeling elated and a little exhausted what a work-out.

Since returning home, the house has been filled with humming and singing from ‘Teen’ No 1 daughter, and little ‘Noo’ (8 years old) picking up our song sheets, and saying ‘How does it go Mum ?’

Music, singing, what great therapy, sounds for your soul…

Can’t wait to go again soon, hey and keep a look out I could be on a stage near you soon 😉



  1. Make new friends

  2. Start to improve your singing
  3. Socialise more
  4. Feel better about yourself
  5. You will have a laugh
  6. Meet like minded people
  7. Sing songs you thought you never would
  8. Be more active
  9. Live longer!
  10. Be happier and enjoy life more

For more information on ‘Funky Vocals’ take a look at their fab website here.