From across the pond.


It’s a joy to share what I love with guests that visit – A little of my life, the flavour and the dishes of the mountains.

This year so far, all my visitors for La Rosilla’s ‘Cookery & Culture’ day , have come from America, all corners of the States.  In fact I would like to get a big map on the world and put a pin in each place, visitors come from . Not only do they experience a taste of our family life on the mountain, we get a taste of theirs.  Recipes, traditions and lifestyles are chatted about, whilst they sample, create, sip and and enjoy some of ours.  They have all been intrepid travelers, making the most of their short time in Andalucia, and definitely not concerned about driving and exploring and going off the beaten track to take a peek .

Cookery Class

My guests usually are traveling to celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, time out and just generally creating memory moments to take back home.

Ages have ranged from mother and 14 year old daughter having a girly day together whilst the ‘boys’ went to the car museum, husband and wife taking the unique experience for their 25th anniversary. One couple celebrating retirement and wanting to learn some new dishes for the party they were going to give friends when back in Texas.  A family group of 3 generations all linked by their ‘foodie’ love creating giant paella, whilst sipping sherry and tasting cheese and chorizos , on their way home they stopped to buy there own pan , they were determined to get in their case.-

Cookery Class La Rosilla

I just adore the way good food and great company bring people together, my children now have been fortunate to meet some fascinating people from all over the world and learn from it , it also makes them and us aware that where we live is special, and how we live is dreamed of by many.

Cookery Class La Rosilla



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  1. I always try to have a day at a cooking school when we are travelling. We’ve been taken round some fascinating fresh food markets, learning about vegetables we never knew existed. We had fantastic experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand doing just that. Food is something we all need – not only as fuel for our bodies, but to enjoy.

    I’m sure your visitors LOVE learning all about our delicious Andalucian food 🙂

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