A smile in the rain.


Apparently this is the last of it, so my own ‘Weddar‘ man my OH keeps telling me – The rain that is.  Come on sunshine pop your hat on !

Walking up our mountain track this morning we couldn’t see a hand in front of us, let alone our view to die for.  It was eerie, not raining but we were in the clouds.  Then the clouds turned to rain.  Trying to look on the bright side, and I was already damp from the mist, and went on a little jaunt around the land, to see what was enjoying the weather and soaking it up.

To my delight my beloved fig tree’s leaves as I thought on first glance were growing as I looked, but also on its old wood branches for the first time ever, it is full of ‘Brevas’ .  Brevas are the 1st crop of figs on a tree, my tree has never produced them before and after 8 years, it is now rewarding me – So I won’t have to wait until late summer for my normal fruitful crop to indulge in the food of the gods 🙂

Brevas first crop figs.

I smiled in the rain.

My favourite fig recipe.

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