Friday flowers and flapjacks !


After a morning, of head down, eyes look in on my laptop, together with mundane chores, and day to day drudgery, as the sun shone and crept its way to the window, I realised life was beyond the humdrum of my dull day. So I stopped, tea in hand, and went and looked at my view. Now it is a view to die for at La Rosilla, and it works , going to look a the view, it puts a spring back in my step, when the sky is blue, the sun smiling and the scent on the breeze is sweet as honey.

So I needed a little more ‘Spring’ in my life today, I needed to shut out the things trying to get me down. So I picked tiny ‘Narcissi’ that had emerged to say hello, and popped them in my favourite cup and saucer, to give a cheery look, like petite pretty dancers, with tutus of gold.

Hyacinths, in fuchsia, bold and balmy with essence and fragrance, and lavenders, with a spice and sweetness, to calm and restore.

Little jugs of blooms, can’t fail but to bring a smile to your face.

Feeling a little restored, I needed to bake, and give us our daily bread.

So flour, yeast, seeds and herbs in hand, I kneeded and shaped my dough, and placed it in the warmth of that sun that had crept through the window, to grow and rise. Poppy seed, Rosemary and Walnut loaf, to be enjoyed fresh from the oven, with a ripe fresh goats cheese, and caramelized onion chutney.

Now just a little sweetness needed, to welcome my brood home. A family favourite recipe Natural oaty goodness of Flapjacks, unctuous mixture, good enough to eat, added a zest of a fresh picked orange, and baked for just 30 mins, to golden. Left to sit until set, but comfortingly gooey, until tiny fingers and grubby hands could wait no more. “One more please Mum” “Well they are healthy, they’ve got oats in”

Well why not it is Friday ! Enjoy yours x

So easy to make, just measure, melt and mix !

250 grams Butter

250 grams of Golden or Demerara sugar

175 grams of Golden Syrup

Melt above in the microwave for 2 mins.

Then stir in 500 grams of oats, and the zest of 1 hand picked orange (optional)

Tip into a lined baking tin, bake for 30 mins on 180 c until golden. Let sit in tin to cool slightly then mark into squares…and don’t eat them too quickly.

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