My journey to living the dream !



How magic it is when you find something, you’d forgotten about, something you’d tucked away, done nothing with, Well this has just happened to me, searching through my book case, looking for cooking inspiration as per usual…There it was.

I Recognise that cover, that scrap book..It was my journal of the Start of my “new life” in Spain Living the dream…Oh what a fascinating read…how little I knew, how naïve I was. But hey that naivety, has allowed me to live my life, oh yes there’s been ups and downs, but still sitting here I feel I can now tell the tale..


So I thought I’d share a few excerpts with you over time….

I call it

‘Simply Solano’

29th May 2005

2am – Harbury Warwickshire – Cold and tired, I stand a wave and anxious husband on his epic journey across Europe for the start of his new life, oh and ours but ours starts in a few days time.

Fully laddened, with more things than of course necessary, with our Shiny new trailer on tow, stuffed to the gunnels, well you never know what you may need. Dad following behind, with microwave as his passenger. They travel just for 50 meters than a huge bang ! Car at a standstill, I bound as boundy as I can, in nightdress, slippers and no bra to his aid ! The stabilising bar of the trailer had snapped off – GREAT – Unditured they set-off once more, until the next timely mishap.

I feel surreal ! He’s gone, I’m here should it begin like this ???


5.30am Run out of petrol !

7.00am ferry Dover – Calais

500 Miles later Tours France Overnight.


Monday – Tyre BLOW OUT

500 Miles later – Burgos overnight.


Tuesday – Madrid the ‘frying pan’ – No windscreen wipers

Sierra Nevada – Pulling trailer – 1st Gear all the way – HOLY SPIRIT FELT

Dusk-  arrived COLMENAR .

1st June

4.30am- I think I’m ready, well it’s too late now. I just need to get there. 3 sleepy children, unaware of the extent of what’s to come, pile into my brothers landy (a supporting shoulder for my Mum) – To Birmingham airport,

Adios Inglaterra – Hasta Luego.

It was a wrench to leave my Mum, she seemed alone so hollow, she’s been so great, supportive, patient, generous and strong – I shall miss her terribly.

Customs – Baby Emily (No 1 daughters Doll) got hauled, seemed a dubious weight – I tried to explain she was meant to be heavy, she was ‘lifelike’ – They didn’t seemed to be impressed, heard it all before I guess. No 1 daughter certainly wasn’t, totally mortified was an understatement – Finally after much scrutiny, baby Emily was recovered, we went on.

The flight – oh how enjoyable, don’t you just love flying with children, or is it just other passengers facial expressions, when they see 1 Mum and 3 kids sitting by them !! So 4 of us, 3 seats, baby on lap – Need I say more ?

Malaga arrivals, no trollies, no assistance, very hot – HELP

Dad and OH waiting – Where’s my airport running “movie style’ welcome ???


Happy to arrive – Sun’s shining on our faces…

Bring on the Vino .





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