Just a taster of things to come !


From one extreme to another, Spring last week was dangled to us like a carrot on the end of piece of string, clear skies, taste of warmer climes to come, giving a general feeling of well-being and positiveness.  Then as predicted, our revelry of that moment was short-lived, and the winds changed, the temperatures dropped, and our thermals were located once more.


The diversity of nature, the juxta pose of natural things, makes you wonder how on earth !  Blossom can bloom on trees with snow-covered branches, seedlings can shoot through ice-cold earth , lemons can hang and ripen, teasing the taste buds…maybe natures way to give hope and promise of brighter times.

Mountain living, exposes you to all these miracles, I often say “We live in the weather’ In the billowing clouds, in the heaviest rains, in the hottest heat and the brightest sun , in the howling winds and with the bluest skies.  Often periods of relentless weather, but just a chink, just one small change is all takes to lighten the load, to boost the morale and put a dance in your step.

So just this spell, this little glitch of natures way, to say, hey don’t get ahead of your game,  I’ll tuck my seedlings up at night, under their soft fleece.  We’ll hunt and gather, some more fuel for the fire, Gathering winter fuel I’ll make comforting food to feed our souls, we’ll light our candles for that calming glow, and we’ll sleep cocooned under the worlds blankets,

with our noses so cold and our bed socks on,  ..dreaming of …………………………


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