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Views in the Hills.


A dream that you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream TOGETHER is a reality – John Lennon.

The theme of my blog is Food & Lifestyle – I think the two blend seamlessly together, well they do in my life on the ‘Mountain’ anyway.

 When I left the U.K some 7 years ago, I was waved off by an army of friends, acquaintances & colleagues, and was presented with a book of ‘Memories’ that had me in joyful tears, and still does to this day when I sit and turn it’s pages, poems, stories, dittos, sayings & photos all of which our family had been part of in the delightful community of Ettington in Warwickshire.

A community we were privileged to be part of, full of caring, selfless people. People who have carved a place in our heart & minds. A community full of giving & achieving good things for others. Experiences good & bad were shared and problems halved.

When I arrived in Spain, I presumed I would just slot in to the community, become part of, well that was harder than I thought, Yes we have attended and been invited to many of the Spanish traditions & festivities which we love &  have become part of our life here , but I have missed like-minded people, and friends like most I can count on 2 hands, but I thought there must be others out there who have positive attitudes, time to share & want to experience new and exciting moments.

Well some 18 months ago I came across Costawomen group on the web, this was my start into the fabulous world of Social media, Ali Meehan the founder too was on a mission to fulfill her dream to connect women across Spain, for Social and Business .

Inspired by Ali’s achievements and with her support, I thought

‘Lynsey it’s not going to come to you, so go out there & get it’

1 year ago I started La Rosilla book club, which has gone from strength to strength, we have a small but perfectly formed group, with newcomers joining us each month. Then last week partnered with another Twiend @stellamarklew, we embarked on our new project a womens group to reach out to ladies, in the hills, mountains, pueblos and Coast of Malaga & beyond. We have called it , *tongue in cheek* ‘Views from the Hills’ . I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses, feedback and the flood of new members wanting to join.

There was obviously a need, I’m just glad and pleased I could be part of the creation of it …

Here is an account from our first get together …

On a lovely sunny afternoon in Solano, 13 woman sat together on the terrace with a fantastic view over the valley and into the hills opposite. We had brought a huge variety of home-made cakes, biscuits, savouries and delicacies which we shared and delighted in – all washed down with copious cups of hot tea and coffee. Somewhere, a bottle of wine was smuggled in – but not seen again!

Some of us were old friends, some were friends just made and others were just getting to know one another but nevertheless, there was two hours of talk, laughter, sharing and ideas. Everyones goal seemed to be the same – “What can we do together? What can we share? There were such a variety of experiences and knowledge that it was easy to get sidetracked into peoples’ interests, jobs, lives and enthusiasms.

Lynsey and I explained the basic idea of getting together; a traveling group that meets wherever we agree to (volunteers for hosts always welcome) once per month for new experiences, talks, demonstrations, walks, picnics and other members suggestions.

and for my next dream …………………..