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Having a jolly.


Lifes routine or sometimes lack of it, can get in the way of ‘Having a jolly’ that’s what we call a lovely day out. Jollies seemed to be planned in summer, and then it’s often too hot, or when children are off school, then it’s too busy. So my OH and I decided that due to his funny shift patterns he works, that we would grab a Jolly as & when we can, come rain or shine ! On a budget and all !

So Thursday was our deemed ‘Jolly’ day, waking up to the first rain in months, not able to see the other side of the mountain due to thick black cloud, and temperatures to low for comfort, I was starting to have second thoughts, like lighting the fire and cooking comfort food, seemed much more appealing. But those who know my OH, he is never far from his I phone and weather reports, he says it’;s important for business, he now even reports for an app Weddar ! He assured me that by 11am at our chosen Jolly day location Cordoba, there would be blue skies. So I went with him, on this report and he was right ! I don’t often like to admit that.

We had received some insider tips from @jesslewis on sights to see, places to park.

Yes it was frio, but wrapped up warm, brolly in hand we marched across the Puente Romano and headed into the majestic ancient city. Immediately greeted by spectacular architecture and feel of eras gone by, Cordoba did not disappoint.

The Mezquita greets you, an awesome place created from religious conflicts, now 2 places worship live as one. The vast building is breathtaking, calming and beautiful. Sitting proudly as head of the Juderia, an area of a maze of streets, cobbled and adorned with flowers and pots, restaurants, trinket shops. Now I have a good sense of direction, but the higgle, piggle of these streets got the better of me.

Orange Square Mezquita Cordoba - Wikipedia

Arches Mezquita - Wikipedia

Lunch was needed, and I like to go off the beaten track, and I am known to walk hours to find a suitable watering hole..and this we did. Up a tiny side street, we came across La Fragua (The Forge) – A delightful restaurant, with tiny courtyard and dining room with old stone walls and tables perfectly laid.

Menu del Dia was top notch , I chose Chanquetes ( crispy white bait) topped with egg & sesame seeds, for main when in Cordoba, one has to have the specialty Rabo de Toro ( Oxtail), which was braised till tender with red wine and topped a bed of sauteed potatoes. To finish the tiniest but perfect size quesadilla, a little goats cheese pudding, and drizzle of cane honey.


Sitting next to us were a lovely American couple, who we chatted with, who like us traveled with Knife, fork & corkscrew, in other words from culinary delight to the next. They shared tales of their travels and cooking experience in Marrakesh, and I shared recipes …well I can’t help it 😉


Culture, cuisine, Cordoba – Una Dia Perfecta .