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Cook from the books !



Looking back over my year, I decided to give myself a pat on the back, I’ve finally managed to live my life surrounded by food and drink, and still loose 4 1/2 stone, thanks to the 5:2 . I know the way of eating has it’s opponents, not for everybody, but for me it’s worked and I love it. I’ve had my cake and eat it and my vino and drank it 😉

So now thinking of resolutions, things I’d like to achieve, goals for the year ahead.  As my ‘Bio’ states I am commonly known as a cook book whore, I can’t live without them, recipe books of every cuisine, gathered over the years, they are my comfort blanket.  I have a confession, I have so many I’ve never cooked from, all read many times from cover to cover but still full of dishes never created, by me that is.

My challenge to myself…..

Inspired by the film Julie & Julia, when an American journalist takes on the challenge to create the 524 dishes of the legendary Julia Childs, from Mastering the art of french cooking in 365 and blog about them.

My challenge not so extreme, but hopefully something that I will get a great deal from, the family will enjoy and I can say to my OH of course I need more cook books 😉

So I am going to choose a book a week from my collection, choose a lucky dip recipe and expand my repertoire.  I will then blog about it with my thoughts and findings and rate each dish out of 10, for taste, ease and likely hood of me creating it again.

#cookfromthebooks cooking challenge 2014

Bring on my #cookfromthebooks challenge………..watch this space.