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Getting creative with mosaics !


I love to make the most of events & things to do on our doorstep, well there’s nothing much on our doorstep so to speak except, views of mountains & hundreds of olive & almond trees, lovely I know , but still great to explore.  So Saturday, Little Noo & I were very excited and looking forward to an afternoon, getting creative with mosaics, offered by the wonderful Sue at La Vaqueria, in the nearby town of  Benarmagosa.

Sue is so ‘Crafty’ in the artistic sense of the word, and over the years, my children have enjoyed many a day, getting down & dirty with paint, glitter, clay and other arty mediums, with Sue, but this time, I thought I would have a go.  Now I’m creative on a plate &  interiors, but hands-on art is not my natural ability.

La Vaquerias, new Mosaic afternoon was fabulous, Sue explained the techniques & demonstrated what to do, gave us helpful advice, but then let our creative juices flow.  Time flew by as we were nibbling, with snippers I hastened to add & cutting tiles, laughing with others, and creating our masterpieces.

Mosaic at La Vaqueria

Afternoon tea was served, a delicious spinach blue cheese tart, potato salad & coleslaw, followed by a to die for Lemon Drizzle.

Two hands definitely made light work  for Little Noo & I , and our mosaic stepping stone, apart from grouting was finished.

We hope to return soon, when we may be able to step up to the Non-beginners class, now that will be something 😉