What a difference a day makes !


We were expecting it, eager for it, and praying that it came.  The weather forecast had promised us a wonderfully sunny and warm January weekend, and did not fail to deliver.  The most amazing cloud formations, and spectacular sunshine greeted us, the wind was warm, and there was a surreal feel to the air.

The Almond trees on the mountain, finally relaxed their tight buds, and their precious blossom opened in the sun, filling the air with their sweet heady scent, and covering as far as the eye could see ‘Spring blossom snow’ as we call it.

Mountain Almond Blossom

Blue skies, warm breeze, off to the beach we went, to our hidden cove on the Mediterranean.  Stopping en-route for a Spit-roast chicken, fresh baked bread, and home made ali-oli, a pic-nic feast we never tire of.

A day on the beach

A few hours, with face to the sun, blowing away the cobwebs, spring in our step was a wonderful morale booster.  Heart pebble hunting, drift wood collecting and on the way home, ice creams of course – A Malaga for me 🙂



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