Animal magic !


We’ve always been surrounded by animals, and over the years since living on the mountain we have experienced many different kinds, birds, pigs, goats, ducks, hens, dogs & cats. They all add to the lifestyle of mountain madness, but we love it 🙂

One of the saddening things in Spain, is the amount of abandoned animals or unwanted pets, often a country without the same thoughts as ourselves towards pets and our four legged friends.

Locally there are several extremely hardworking charities, trying to make a huge difference by offering foster care, veterinary care and forever homes for these poor animals.  Axarquia Animal Rescue was set-up a few years back for this such cause and many people work tirelessly to give a little hope, get waggy tails back & purring pussycats .

Axarquia Animal Rescue

We’ve rescued many cats over the years here, and our delightful and characterful Water Dog ‘Rizo’ , who has a penchant for gather items that don’t belong to her into bed.  Slippers, socks, wellies and this morning an empty plastic ‘Cruzcampo’ bottle, suppose she thought after the Christmas excesses if you can’t beat’em, join’em ;).

Many of the ‘Foster Volunteers’ of the AAR were full to bursting, or needing time off to visit families and friends over the festive period, so we decided to give them a helping hand.  ‘Red’ a rescued and abandoned dog, needed a warm bed a friendly family, until a Forever home was found, so he came to stay at La Rosilla, only for 10 days though because the committee again pulled out all the stops, and Reds luck had changed and he was off to a life in new climes and to his new family in Germany.  So just a stop gap was needed, a little time and breathing space.

Red the Rescue dog.


Now we have ‘Fanny’ who we have taken in, from a kind local man, who just can’t cope anymore with all his animals .  Fanny was living in a goat pen, with yes goats of course, and 15 other hunting dogs, needless to say this was all too much for her.  She needed some TLC a lap to lie on, vetinary care and a chance to feel big for her boots, she’s coming along nicely 😉

Fanny the recue dog.


Next to join our menagerie is ‘Tikka’ a 20 year old pony on loan from our friend.  A chance for my youngest daughter to learn the ropes of Horse-care, not just the glory of going riding.  Tikka, has a HUGE personality, feisty I think would be a good description, so she really is putting us through our paces !!! fortunately in the paddock, she is calm and fun, and Nell is enjoying grooming, plaiting, feeding and even mucking out.  Our daily treks our eventful, we’re still to prove to her ‘Tikka’ that is we’re the bosses….in fact she suits Nell’s personality to a tee !

So our family to date : Mum, Dad, 3 baby Drake’s (our kids) , Spencer the English Springer Spaniel, Rizo the Water Dog, Baba ganoush our tabby, Fanny the Yorkshire Terrier, Rocket the roof cat (doesn’t like being inside, has a handmade house on the roof), 4 hens & 1 pony.

So the entertaining and hospitality at La Rosilla over the festive season has been extended, busy, hectic but full of memory moments.  Us humans did well too, of course indulging, making merry and not forgetting dancing on the tables, that goes without saying.

If you think you could offer an animal a foster or forever home, or spare a few pennies to help in their continued care, it would be most appreciated. You don;t have to be living in Spain to help. Please click here.



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  1. Lovely. As it should be. And even when they shuffle off you know you’ve given them their halcyon days. We’re 5 dogs, 2 cats and 4 of us at the bottom of the pile…wouldn’t have it any other way ❤

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