World Sherry Day !


It was with pleasure that I took part in World Sherry Day, a celebration to display the wonderful world of sherry and the versatility of the superb sherry wines on offer.

Fortunately living in Spain I can and do frequently partake in a ‘copita’ or two, but many people often think of Sherry as the pre-lunch quaff on Sunday with their granny, well yes I did this too from a very young age, perhaps therein lies the problem ;), but there is a sherry for every dish and occasion and I was proud to showcase this at La Rosilla.

The date was perfect too for my Supper club to re-open for the summer, a celebration all round.

Like normal I was living on the edge, as this years unpredictable weather was giving me the run around.  As I prepped busily on Sunday morning, making everything ship shape, I did so in thick cloud and dodging rain drops…but I held out and went for it, guests arrived sensibly with shawls and jackets and with a very gung ho supportive spirit.

Quarter deck cocktails, warmed everyone’s souls with canapes of  Hazelnut & parmesan stuffed mushrooms, and cheese puffs with cheery toms & caper-berries.  We all shared our sherry stories, and I gave a talk on the diversity of sherry, it’s origins , production and aging process, before everyone sat on the terrace ready for their feast and tastings.

Lunch was served and we enjoyed, crisp dry pale gold  Fino & Manzanilla,  Amber rich and warm Amontillado & Oloroso, and finished with  dessert and decadent luscious PX .

World Sherry Day La Rosilla supperclub

As the sherry flowed the sun put his hat on, to end a special Sunday afternoon on the terrace.


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