Back to book club.


After a summer of excess, including reading of course 😉 , I am trying to re-group well in my brain that is !!

It’s that time of year when school bags are being re-packed, stationary supplies are being bought & early Sunday bath & bedtimes are a welcoming thought.

With the slight drop in temperatures the endurance of cooking in the summer heat, will once again become a memory.  The endless changing beds from visitors , the beach bag emptying with sandy deposits , the never ending damp towels dropped from the pool too will be part of summer I don’t mind waving goodbye to until next year.

Summer 2012 like many others I have had in Spain has been full to bursting, candle burning at both ends stylee.


Flamenco Malaga Feria

Rio Gordo Foam Party

Cooking in more ways then one !

Lazy days

Cartojal my fav summer tipple.

Routine will soon been forced upon me, but I won’t be shying away from it, but welcoming it with open arms. My mind & body are ready so bring it on 😉

Calendars at the ready, appointments being booked, meetings & events being planned, Big ’40’ birthday looming 😉 !

Adios Summer it’s been a great one – Hello Autumn looking forward to seeing you.

Back to Book Club‘ will start on 24th September with a great reading list for the coming months.

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