Summer has arrived .


Summer has arrived, we are always waiting for the heat to be turned on , but funny when it does we never seem to be ready for it.

After a very mild and dry winter, we were taken by surprise a few weeks a go by a week of cold and rain, the mountain and gardens and land needed it so much, and absorbed every last drop with a sigh of relief, I on the other hand had reserved this time to start the annual paint-a-thon at La Rosilla to prepare my finca to its summer glory , well this had to wait..So last week after everything had dried out, and the heat had been switched back on ,out came the brushes and off to paint I went. I’m so glad I live remotely sometimes, as I paint in little more than sunglasses and a hat , If I hear a car on the track, I dive for cover 😉

During the spell of wetness, I held a Greek Supperclub night, I wanted to transport my guests to warm & sunnier climes to come, on my menu were stuffed vine leaves, days before my event I was willing my vine to grow, for it’s green fresh leaves were needed for delectable Dolmades. So on the morning I stood precariously on my stall and picked the largest leaves I could find, then rolled into cigars and blanched before being filled with a rice, and vegetable stuffing, then baked with tomatoes and home grown olive oil to marinate. They were a delight.

Vine Leaves ready for blanching .


The flowers are in their full glory, hollyhock flowers are bursting open with shades of palest yellow to deepest red , Roses are in bloom and my cottage cornflowers with my favourite blue are just beginning to show their colour.

Summer alfresco eating will now be enjoyed to the max, with cooking outside becoming the norm, Paellas , BBQ’s and more..the terrace at La Rosilla will welcome it’s first guests of the season 🙂

It’s this time of year I think ‘Yes this is why we’re here’ .


Bring on the Mojitos 😉

La Rosilla is available for rent this summer – Just a few weeks remaining.

click here for more info.

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  1. Wonderful. Also just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your Greek Night – where will you take us next I wonder???? xx

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