It’s nearly over !


It’s a delight when you’re asked to share some of your ideas, thoughts & ‘Foodie’ love.  So it was a pleasure when fellow ffod & lifestyle blogger, Comida y Vida asked me to write for them.  In fact it stirred me up out of my ‘Summer slumber’ of writing, and made me dust of the cobwebs from my grey matter.

You can read my post here ,


The heat and lifestyle of Spanish ‘Verano’ is taking its toll.  I am looking forward to regaining some sort of normality & routine, but until then, 2 more family birthdays to go, with a houseful of teens, about to descend on La Rosilla, for an all night bash, whilst my OH and I try to stay in the shadows, whilst trying to keep some sort of control, but still look hip & happening…Wish me luck.


Off to bake 😉

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