Food glorious food !


Wow what a week, I’ve been submerged, in recipes, ingredients, cooking, creating , picking, delivering, & entertaining .

My La Rosilla season has started with a BOOM 🙂

Visitors to the region, staying in charming villas & guests arriving late in the day ordered my service of ‘Holiday Dining’ so each day I have been preparing sumptuous fayre, and had the pleasure in the evenings to deliver to waiting, expectant hungry folk.

Fortunately my veggie patch hard work, is paying off, and daily it is providing lovely treats..this week I incorporated my pickings into some great dishes, Moroccan Vegetable tagine, with courgettes & yellow & green beans from the garden,Thai vegetable curries & herb salads, with parsley, mint, coriander and nasturtiums.


Along with tasty savouries, my cake making and decorating skills were put to test, with 4 ladies arriving for a ‘Girly’ break, celebrating a birthday. So I thought chocolate..a girl can’t have enough chocolate 😉


I finished my ‘foodie’ week last night, with a ‘ladies night’ supperclub. My day was sent to test me…toilet broke, (OH not home to fix) , which meant guests would have to use my bathroom..something else to clean :/, remembered I was collecting all my guests, to allow them to partake in a tipple or two, OMG car to clean too….:/

This time it was a balmy night, once everything was prepared, flowers picked, tables laid, bread warming in the oven, champers chilling, I jumped in my MPV to collect my diners.

On return, they sat sipping Kir Royale, and enjoyed canapes of Moroccan Courgette Puree, herb hummus, and stuffed piquant peppers….



Cooking on only electric, this was going to be a challenge…SERVE MORE WINE.

 Breathe, keep calm …

Fortunately, 15 mins later, my luz (electric) came back to life…

The ladies made their way up to the terrace, for their Supper , mozzarella & pesto pancake pockets, Prawn Thai Curry & to finish, Walnut and banana loaf and choccie sauce.


The bathroom problem proved a success, with all ladies returning to the table after spending a penny, saying ‘oh you have to go to the loo…the bedroom is lush !’

The joys of a home restaurant……


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