Cheer you up Salad !


Comfort food, often has the guise of heavy stodgy dishes, don’t get me wrong, they comfort me too, but many a time, you need food to lift your spirits, visually & emotionally..and longing for summer after many a rainy day, I wanted a little sunshine on my plate, with no fuss, no cooking and ready in an instant.

Slicing up a couple of vine ripened toms, a crisp red onion, a log of the creamiest goats cheese, a handful of black olives, a sprinkling of coriander & parsley from the veggie patch, a drizzle of the fruitiest sweetest olive oil, a touch of maldon & a squeeze of balsamic…

Voila, ya esta , hey presto…

 Heaven on a plate 🙂

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    • I think of comfort food, of dishes that make me feel good, and transport me to another place. They always need a little substance though, hence the huge log of goats cheese :). Thanks for your comments, Buen Provecho

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