Peas in a pot !


Very trendy,  also delicious and soo helathy for you Pea shoots at the moment are gracing a many styled plate of food.

Well never one not to keep up on trend 😉 I thought I’ll have a go. Each year in the La Rosilla veggie patch, we nuture our peas, carefully sowing them and covering with Twiggy pea sticks and fine net, to keep off the pesky birds and scurrying mice.

But this year, I thought I would sew some in a pot, to keep on the terrace sowly for the use in fresh salads, and I’m happy to say they are growing nicely, and look great too.


Of course you cant beat the spring day, when you pick your first peas in their pods, fresh from the plant. This job is always bagsied by the children, and more often then not their bounty, is rather less when it reaches the kitchen, then it was in the patch !!! Always with excuses, “Honest Mum, that’s all there was



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