Alfresco can’t wait !


Eating Alfresco, is enjoyed at every opportunity we have in Winter and Early Spring, so when dry, and temperatures mild, outside we go. Cooking over wood, gives off the wonderful aroma, of outside dining, a few rosemary sprigs, thrown onto the fire, adds to the heady scent, and perfumes the food delicately too.

A favourite for us are racks of ribs, basted in a rich sweet and sticky sauce, finger lickin good.

Accompaniments, of salad leaves picked from the veggie patch, and creamy Potato and Onion gratin give a rich indulgent comforting twist. Together with tomatoes roasted with herbs, and topped with grated cured goats cheese, baked on the side with Morcilla, (Spanish black pudding) .

Delicious dreaming on a cold wet day in Spain, but a dream, we’re lucky enough to know will soon come true once more.

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