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Flippin’ fun !


Yippee, another tradition based around food, and passed down from generation to generation – Pancake Day 🙂

When I was young, we would have our pancakes for tea, waiting with anticipation for the first flip, or should I say flop..I always think it takes a couple of goes to get your flippin’ action right, I’m not sure our frying pans were quite so non stick then as well, well that’s my excuse for my crumpled & torn batter muddled in the bottom of the pan, but hey who cares they still tasted great.

I was a golden syrup topper, my brothers a squeeze of Jiffy lemon (well fresh lemons were a luxury) & heaps of sugar.

My Mum was like a production line, shouting from the kitchen, ‘Next one’s ready’ ! Always with eyes bigger than our bellies, we’d munch through, 1,2,3,4 or more .

Now in my family, my children enjoy pancakes quite often, it’s a dish they can easily whip up themselves, and eggs are a plenty & flour & milk nearly always available – Their fave toppings vary like their personalities, chocolate spread, cane honey, cheese & ham…

But tonight we’ll flip, toss & giggle together – Savoury to start, then a sweet finish with the customary lemon (picked off my tree I hasten to add) & a spoonful of sugar.

Some topping ideas for you ;

Mozzarella , sun-dried tomatoes & pesto

Goats cheese & caramelised onion

Creamy garlic mushrooms

Herby cream cheese & ham

Banana & Dulce de leche

Cherries & Vanilla ice-cream

Mix a pancake

Stir a pancake

Pop it in the pan

Fry a pancake

Toss a pancake

Catch it if you can

Have fun !