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My life through the eyes of others.


After our recent ‘Jolly’ to Cordoba, last Sunday morning, whilst laying in bed with a cuppa and my ‘Tablet’, well I can’t get a Sunday paper delivery in the mountains – back of beyond 1st on the right. I received an amazing email which went something like this

Hi Lynsey,

Recently in Cordoba Spain, you met our dear friends from Texas U.S.A in a restaurant, where you shared recipes & chatted. Well we’re from Texas arriving in Andalucia on Monday, and would love to visit you at La Rosilla, and attend your Cookery & Culture Day –

How cool was that. ?

So I speedily replied, and started planning, and juggling to be able to fit in a day in my already full ‘Foodie’ week .

My Cookery & culture day, allows guests, to experience a little of our life in rural,real Spain.

Why I love it, It makes me stop and think, it makes my appreciate why I’m here, it makes me see my life through the eyes of others, it allows us to share food, wine, stories and experiences, and enables me, and my family to meet a diverse and interesting array of people, all with one thing in common the love of food.

My guests were delightful, a 73 year old couple, we baked, stirred, whizzed, ate,sipped, & laughed together. They are making the most of their retirement and traveling from one ‘Foodie’ location to the next , what a life to aspire to.