Daily bread.


I don’t think I could ever give up carbs, I love my daily bread too much, and I think if it’s full of natural goodness that’s good enough for me  – and how could you eat a bowl of homemade soup, without dunking ?, I know I can’t .

For many years I have made bread, a simple act that creates one of life’s pleasures, and one of life’s coveted aromas – The scent of freshly baked bread – hhhhmmmm.  Yes some days, it doesn’t fit into the agenda, I’m not a bread maker machine kind of a gal, I like to take life’s frustrations out on my dough, it takes the knock much better than me 😉

But for those  who just can’t wait for a double rise, or who don’t have the patience for 10 – 15 mins kneading, don’t worry you can still have a loaf – and soda bread should become your friend ready in the time it takes to mix, and bake in the oven – on the table in 30 minutes.

At the week end I was eager to try some of my new products on offer from La Rosilla Organic wholemeal flour & poppy seeds.  I had a little helper in the kitchen, who too was eager to mix, spoon & shape.

So this week-ends loaf was Carrot & Walnut soda bread with a poppy seed topping.

Kitchen helper

La Rosilla kitchen helper.

Carrot & Walnut Soda Bread with poppy seeds.

Heat oven to 175 c.

500 Grams Wholemeal organic flour

2 tsp of bircarb soda

1 tsp salt

2 tsp brown sugar

Natural yoghurt approx 4 small 125g pots (enough to make a soft dough)

Mix all the above ingredients together by hand or with a mixer, to make a soft dough.

Add 2 grated carrots and a handful of walnuts, knead until all combined, if too sticky just add more flour.

Turn out onto a floured surface and shape into a round dome.

Carrot & Walnut soda bread recipe

Place on a baking sheet, and score the top with a sharp knife, into portions about 8.

Sprinkle over poppy seeds and bake in the oven until risen and golden, about 30 – 40 mins.

Eat warm straight from the oven – lovely too toasted the next day.

Carrot, walnut Soda bread recipe

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